We Buy Singles and Collections

If you’d like to sell us individual Magic Online cards, boosters, and other items for event tickets, please trade our buybots on Magic Online: Academy_Buybot, Academy_Buybot2, Academy_Buybot3, and Academy_Buybot4.

MTGO Academy also buys bulk Magic Online collections at competitive prices. We buy collections of any size and pay in Event Tickets or verified PayPal cash. If you are interested in selling your collection or a significant part of your collection, you can send us your collection as a CSV file for a quote (please email it to collection@mtgoacademy.com). If you are not sure how to create a CSV file, please see the very short video below. We have many satisfied customers and hope you consider us when selling.

Please note that due to the large amount of collection files that we receive, we only respond to collections that we are interested in buying. If you do not receive a reply but end up keeping your collection, please feel free to send us your file again should you wish to sell it in the future– our needs change over time! Currently (as of April 11, 2013), we are looking for large collections of primarily bulk non-Standard cards (with emphasis on uncommons and commons).

How do I create a CSV file of my collection?

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After receiving your CSV file, which helps us quickly peruse the contents of your collection, we will reply within 48 hours with a quote if we are interested in purchasing it. If you do decide to sell, please proceed as follows:

1. Respond within the given time frame in our offer e-mail.

2. Next, we will confirm our offer to you and ask you to change your password to a provided one so that we can verify that your CSV file matches the collection you actually have.

3. Then, we will transfer the most valuable cards to our account and send the payment for them via PayPal to an email address of your choice. (If you want Event Tickets, we will leave them on your account after we have transferred your collection.)

4. In most cases, we will need 24 hours to transfer the rest of the cards to our accounts.

After the completed transaction, we would greatly appreciate your feedback so that others can benefit from your opinion and experience.

Thank you for considering us,
MTGO Academy team

  1. I just send you my collection yesterday, they have pretty good cards, and I’m interested on selling everything, when will you be able to answer me? :O

  2. Fran, if you’ve followed the instructions above, chances are that our team has already gotten back to you. Let me know if they haven’t.

  3. I’ve sent off my .CSV twice now with no response…anything I can do to nudge it along?

  4. See above, Tom:

    “Please note that due to the large amount of collection files that we receive, we only respond to collections that we are interested in buying.”

  5. Also, your response time on these comments is terrible, answering months later like people are still waiting around….

  6. Hi I just sent my collection for your evaluation yesterday (Mishmash), MTGO Traders has just sent me their offer, I am awaiting your response to see the better offer before I sell. Have you had a chance to evaluate it yet?

  7. Hi, i Just send you my CSV saturday and until now didnt received an answer.

    Can you check up please.


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