100CS “Defibrillator” Podcast #1: Vivat Centum!

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  1. About to listen, but one question first (which may end up getting answered; I’ll see):
    Does this mean we’ll get to start seeing some 100CS videos up on the site again?? :D

  2. We mention that at the very end. Not sure we’ll be posting any additional ones until after the first tournament, but it’s definitely on our radar.

  3. The first pod cast I’ve actually ever been able to listen all the way through. Great job guys!

  4. Listening a podcast about 100 CS while building a 100 CS deck is priceless, now I can rest in peace.
    No, seriously very usefull information for new and old 100 CS deckbuilders.
    A tip for when building a deck from scratch and you end up selecting 250+ cards. To make some room in the Deck Editor save those cards in a .dek file (so you can load them again if needed) and take a screenshot of all cards, open the image with Paint, so you have a whole picture of all cards, and now in the Deck Editor you can do all the changes you want. For me it is like having a third window in which to put cards (deck, sideboard and paint) I even sometimes take screenshots of every converted mana cost.
    By they way, I would say Vivat Sentum xD.