100%: Oct Installment pt.4 – Sad Time Super Surprise

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  1. It makes me sad that I didn’t put up a good fight in your last video match. That is pretty standard for our matches, though… going back to your greedy deck, I am used to getting smashed by your decks and play skill most of the time.

    100CS is losing one of its best deck builders and one of its best players – very sad. Possibly the best. I’ll go on record and say that Travis spent a lot of time personally helping me out with my game. Thanks, man. I hope you continue to be successful in the new job.

  2. Sad to you leave the game Trav. Can’t say I didn’t saw it comming. You seemed to enjoy MODO less and less with every match this month.

    Glad to see you overtake the column Zimbardo. Your UW build seemd kinda weird though:
    You were playing like 90% of the cards I’m playing in my build, no artifact mana but Ravages (and assumingly Geddon). Could you post the decklist in next months aritcle and the thinking behind it?

  3. Sad news making me sad. Allways enjoyed your videos and especially your innovative deckbuilds.

    good luck.

  4. Actually, I was running a UW list very similar to the one designed by none other than Travis – see it here: http://www.mtgoacademy.com/100-meta-calling-the-audible/

    I attempted to update it to incorporate few of the newer cards like Deprive without changing it much. I played the same artifact mana as Travis: Mox Diamond and Fieldmist Borderpost. I’m not very good with that deck, but I brought that list it because I was trying to give Travis a better fight than I had been giving him with my Elves deck. He had stomped my Elves deck pretty soundly in about 3 out of 4 matches (I had God draws in the one match).

  5. I leave this world with a whimper! Not even the dreaded Tarmo stopped though with his fresh FoW tattoo to talk nonsense and gibber as such!

    The insult is just, I suppose! I leave as I came: in a teal bathrobe, misty-eyed.

  6. And do remem: that UW deck was a metacall; it filled a void circa then, and did it with such zest and power that many a man and boy lay weeping at my winnowed feet.

  7. As a side note, much <3 trav, but did the video issue fix itself with a flash update for everyone?

  8. WAIT!!! Before you sell your cards, try one more Commander session. You seemed to enjoy it more, and you always had more stories to tell during those games. But like eXXXa says, you can tell within the last few weeks that you weren’t enjoying yourself. Do what you have to do man, but know that I’ll be weeping in a fetal position in the corner every Thursday now.

  9. I’ve considered selling my cards a few times. I have a pretty substantial collection from playing Classic/Legacy, so it’s fairly valuable. The problem is, there are so many cards in your collection that you went out and spent time to find. Random foils and other special edition cards that you lose a lot of cash on when selling off in bulk. Plus the time to assemble all that stuff again is a pain when you come back…

    Everyone comes back to this game at some point. I’ve quit and come back 3 times now. Twice I had a paper collection and sold it for cheap on the quick. The 3rd time I kept the MTGO collection and just let it sit. When I came back I was so happy I had the cards.

    Unless you REALLY absolutely have to have the money, I’d hold on to the cards. They’re probably going to spike a little up when MED4 comes out.

  10. Dont sell the cards Travis, leave they in a digital box, can pass the time and perhaps one time you relog again, is a lose for me particularly, i dont lose a opponent, i lose a friend and a master, Good Luck in your new aventure.

  11. Here is another person that will miss the videos. I would hold on to your cards like the people above me are saying too. From what i understand you played alot. Maybe you’re just overplayed and need a rest. Why the need to do the extremely drastic: selling all your cards and pretty much destroying the option to come back to the 100cs singleton scene in an easy way.

  12. Admittedly, I have quit before. My second and third forays back into the game were at times in my life when not much else was going on. I have a sincere love for the game, but it’s simply time to move on. I’m 32 – not going to be getting on the PT any time soon – and I have very, very little time now that I have gone back to school and landed a real job. Simultaneously, I had some outstanding debts (I love the dog tracks and collecting small globes), so I was able to knock these out in one fell swoop. Truthfully. I was only playing a few times a month, and not to much enjoyment, moreso to help out the site with continued content. Long story short, this wagoner is moving onward, and, hopefully, upward. I have no doubt that this is the bitter end of my stint as an adult child. I enjoyed it while it lasted, though it proved to be a burden as much as a reprieve. I hope my articles, videos, and musings not only made you chortle but also shed some light on the formats I was covering (namely my beloved 100CS). I trust that Kool, my mentor and student, will carry the fire, joined in dungeon-crawl-like fashion by my beloved Zimbardo. The rest of you, quit smoking crack and tighten up those pile decks. This format has no hope of a continued existence if people continue to play the junk drawer style decks, regardless of their performance. To wit: doesn’t matter how many retards you file into the arena; a retard will still end up the victor.

    Much love! And, keep it sticky!

  13. “The rest of you, quit smoking crack and tighten up those pile decks.”

    This quote proves that it’s Travis, and not some impostor who kidnapped him, stole his account, and sold it.

  14. This is not a ruse. Chris kool threatened to delete my account bc I entrusted him with man rubies and I was FORCED to sell what I had!