100%: Ya dead

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  1. Holy carp, I love that you’re doing 100CS again. Aaaand I looooove this deck. And I love you Trav. Glad you’re still alive.

  2. I don’t think you did anything wrong in round 2, your opponent was simply being a jerk. With practically no chance of you fizzling in your combo (misclicking is always an option I suppose), he should have just conceded. Clearly he is one of those players that has a problem with combos. In some circles, it’s a kind of unspoken rule that combos don’t get played because they are “unfair” or “cheap”. Sometimes these people end up in the world at large and just can’t cope.

    Your third round, however, I think you did give him something to be upset over. Your comment over losing a point of damage seems almost mocking as you follow it up with a Woodfall Primus setting him back 2 land drops. Because it is MODO, we are limited to the actual words and actions, stripped away from intonation, body language, and all the rest that comes with communication in the real world, which makes a huge difference. In that third round, if I was your opponent, I would have taken offense to your comment, as it seemed needlessly rude, regardless of intentions. This is all assuming you didn’t mean to be rude. If you were trying to mock your opponent, disregard all of this.

    On the deck, gotta love some Junk. I approve.

    On the format, can someone explain the appeal of 100CS over Commander/EDH? At the risk of sounding like a 5 year old, Commander just seems like a cooler format with more awesome things happening.

  3. Hey, fellas. Sometimes getting a good game down to share is a daunting. I spent over 5 hours trying to capture these games, and, I wanted to give ya guys something better. I ran into a lot of concessions, and a lot of baditude. I am a surly one, for def, but the intention of these vids is not to parade assholery. So, apologies to my opps, as I just wanted to battle.

    On the deck; it’s fun as hell. Try it, but I would tune an element or 2, as stated in the decktech. I am a rusty summammumma

  4. Hi ST4KS et al.,

    The info for the tournament is here: http://www.mtgoacademy.com/vivat-centum-2-information/

    There’s a link to a Gatherling page in it where you can register.

    And regarding RedEye’s final point, the reason this format is significantly different than Commander is twofold:
    (1) Starting a game at 20 life versus 40 life makes a load of difference regarding what cards are playable. The metagames should be very, very different as a result. The viable card pools are also very very different.
    (2) Starting every game with a powerful creature spell is also extremely different than not having this option. I’m not saying that not having that creature spell is better, but the way you build a deck in Commander is simply significantly different as a result.

    In light of these two differences (there are others, too: emphasis on multiplayer vs. duels, color identity deckbuilding restriction vs. none) and the corresponding differences in metagame, matches play out very differently with respect to pace, and decks are quite different in terms of build, curve, etc. Try it out; the difference from Commander is palpable once you dive into the format, though that’s not to say it’s obviously a BETTER format, just different, and oftentimes interesting in very different ways.

  5. Surely there’s enough contributors at MTGO Academy to do a couple of showcase games, where both sides are recorded, and there is no QQing. Like the big all-stars draft CF did years ago.

    But anyway, good that Travis is back, and more than that, good that 100CS has got a small but visible kick start from the PRE.

  6. Homies et al,

    This will happen. We tried to produce another podcast this week but had audio compression problems and had to toss it. :( After tomorrow’s tournament you’ll see some matches.

  7. I like the deck and I like the actual playing, but hearing you type for sometimes 20 seconds straight while the “ok” button is up is basically unacceptable.

  8. Fellas, I think I apologized for this in the video. I had $8k frozen because a hotel mischarged me, so I was getting emails when I was taping. Again, apologies. Didn’t happen before. Won’t happen again:)

  9. Guys, just be happy that he finally knows how to type. From the sounds of it, he has kicked the habit of typing with two fingers.

    I was thinking the same thing about Volrath’s Stronghold (and Academy Ruins) when I was tooling with casual artifacts. I think you’d be perfectly sane to cut that for something that produces colored mana.

    I have to say, even if I don’t always follow your advice, I can definitely hear your voice in my head when I make decks. I like the way you trim fat from every possible place in every deck.

  10. Glad to here my tenets reside in a wet corner of your forebrain, my love. And, also, I am glad to hear I am not crazy for wanting to oust Stronghold from the list. I have used it once in like 20 games and not for much.

    And, again, sorry for the pecking away of emails. This move has been insane, esp. post-Sandy. I was getting time sensitive emails, and shouldn’t really have been trying to squeeze in videos for you godless animals.