100 Card Singleton Resources Link

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  1. Great resource collection! Will be very useful for me when I start playing 100 Singelton PREs!

  2. Very useful link collection! I prefere checking sources myself instead of using filtered information, so this is a great bookmark for me!

  3. Amazing resource for 100Singleton players and people considering to give it a try. I have entered the URL in the forum under “100Singleton” so it can be found more easily later.

  4. Wow, will bookmark this as the reference to start my singleton adventures next year!

    Thank you for doing the work a whole community can benefit from!

  5. Nice. There are always a few of Tarmo’s articles that hard to search for.

    I might also suggest the blogs that Zimbardo and Tarmo have on mymtgo. Although not up to date anymore, some of the deck lists are cool and come with walkthroughs.

  6. Like always very good job, is fine to can get articles in a click, without google they, and is a very good tool to new players, a lot of time ppl ask about the format in the casual room, so link they to this can make the explanation more easy.

    Thanks for the job and dedication.

  7. More good stuff, content like this will do more to grow the format than almost anything else.

  8. Just wanted to reiterate that this is a great tool. Have it bookmarked and check it regularly. Great work Zim.