Meathook’s Metal Guide to Drafting Zendikar

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  1. That made me lol several times. But it was way too much Metal…must put on some Air Supply.

  2. this article title was greatly misleading since I thought it would actually be useful drafting tips, but instead is…not.

    nonetheless, it was funny to read and you can still learn to draft zendikar if you do the opposite of what the article says!

    also, I thought metal meant artifacts when just reading the title. really such a confusing title!

  3. Not really sure the on the point of this article.
    And the word metal has lost all meaning, it just got abused…

  4. Honestly, the title should warn the reader that this is satirical. It took me a bit to figure it out but I enjoyed the ride.

  5. For my two cents I’ll add that I didn’t laugh at all and just lost interest after the Jace comparison, skimming the article for ‘fun’…but there was none to be had for me =/

    I agree with oma, because even though it’s filed under ‘casual and fun’, it’s tagged as ‘drafting’. I don’t think losing is fun, no matter how casual you are.

  6. Maybe a satire tag for articles purely for laughs? I’ve been writing comedy long enough to know that not everyone shares the same sense of humor. For those that enjoyed the comedy I’m to make you laugh! For those that didn’t it’s cool too.

  7. Ignore them Aaron; I also didn’t know the article wasn’t satirical, and for a moment I was confused, but then I started laughing and enjoyed the whole article because you went all the way with it and didn’t really warn the reader what the hell they were in for. Not to mention, warning people is not metal. That’s what moms do, and moms are NOT metal, unless you’re talking about Mother of Satan, which is actually an explosive compound, not a real mom. So in other words, no moms are metal unless they explode. BTW, you might get some more annoyed comments from overly serious players. I googled this article to prepare for an MTGO ZEN flashback draft happening later today. Stay funny!