A Singleton (and Standard) Breaking Point

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  1. I like the idea of dabbling in other singleton formats. It gives one a way to get additional value out of a singleton collection. My hope is that MTGO grows enough to support more and more oddball formats as time passes.

  2. It’s been years since I actively played Prismatic Singleton, but I remember many entertaining games especially 2HG Prismatic Singleton.

  3. man, rainbow stairwell, that takes me back. I love me some singleton. Thanks for the stroll doown memory lane.

  4. I used to play a lot of rainbow stairwell. My personal preference on lands is also the 2 of each dual, but I then add 4 of any land of your choice to the mix. 20 lands is just not enough in a deck with that high of a curve and it sucks when games just come down to who didn’t get mana screwed.

    You know what is better than Rainbow Stairwell? Prismatic Rainbow Stairwell or Big Deck Rainbow Stairwell. It is the same basic concept as Rainbow Stairwell except you multiply each card slot by 5. So you have 5 red one drops, 5 red 2 drops, etc. Then I think the easiest and best way to do the lands is to just say you have to have 120 lands and the lands must all be part of a cycle that was released together (this keeps out large cycles like Shivan Gorge, Academy Ruins, Volraths Stronghold and whatever the white and green lands of this cycle are). This lets players just play whatever lands they have to help with their mana without requiring them to go buy extras.

    The fun part of this is that it is more random than regular prismatic singleton and it keeps out the combo decks which are pretty easy to build in regular Rainbow Stairwell.

  5. Super hard to find games! I was also told by an ORC that the land should be 4 of each basic land and then 4 of whatever I want (Singleton of course)

  6. @jonp: RS has changed over the years. Originally, it was only 56 card decks! I think that Zimbardo and I are going to try one of each MED dual land, one of each RAV dual land and one of each basic land (to total 61 cards). You’re welcome to build one also and send me a message when online. :)

    @platipus10: I will build one of these decks that you speak of. I will assume nothing is banned.

    @walkerdog: Self-deprecation can transcend emo realms… ‘SUP NOW?! (I am awesome, and my deck is too!!!)

    Thanks for the comments, pals!