Academy Buybots: An Update to Improve Customer Experience

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Dear Magic Online fan,

MTGO Academy is proud to announce that our buybot chain, developed entirely in-house by our small programming team, now has full functionality for purchasing your spare Magic Online cards (and other items) within the Magic Online game client. Their account names are Academy_Buybot and Academy_Buybot2. Check them out in the classifieds section of the Magic Online marketplace, or add them to your buddy list.

What changes did we make? Whereas before, you would not have been able to easily remove items from our buybots’ carts during a purchase, now it is simple and intuitive to tell our buybots which cards you would like to sell and which cards you want to keep: Just type the number corresponding to the item that you don’t want to sell, and our buybot will remove all those items from its cart. (Or type the number followed by a “-” to have the buybot remove only one of those items from the cart.) If you want clarification on this process while trading with one of our bots, you can type “help” and the bot’s updated help menu will share a list of the available commands and what they do.

Our team has also included an extra functionality, called cart refill, to make it easier if you would like to sell a large quantity of cards or other items for event tickets. If, after having one of our buybots remove items from its cart, you would like to sell the buybot different items in the same transaction, just type “refill” and the bot will offer to buy different items. This should make every sale to us quicker for you.

In the short video below, you can watch PlanetWalls show off the new buybot features:

Feel free to check out our buybots (or our sellbots, if you would like to purchase cards) at your convenience. Our buybots are named Academy_Buybot and Academy_Buybot2, and our sellbots are named Academy_Sellbot, Academy_Sellbot2, Academy_Sellbot3, Academy_Foilbot, and Academy_Budgetbot. Let us know in the comments below if you have any questions, or email info[at] for tech support.

All the best,
MTGO Academy Team


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