1. This was very enjoyable. Any chances of seeing lists? I tried to build the RUG Watch Rites deck, but having no experience with it means I probably got some stuff wrong.

  2. Oubliette seems to congest the three drop slot, especially since most of MBC’s solid value cards are at three. I’ve been trying out faceless butcher (I know…), but I actually like a few copies. Even if its only temporary, faceless butcher’s removal effect gets you to where you want to be with merchant. It’s disgusting how merchant can consistently drain for eight damage. The opponent doesn’t want to spend time removing creatures that you’ve already gotten value of (such as chittering rats), so its relatively easy to flood the board. If they do spend time 1 for 1′ing, they’re going to lose to blacks considerable card advantage. Like Justin said, its better for Merchant to top off an already solid MBC list, and not get cute with mediocre alternatives.

    Great videos, and I like the concept for the league!