An Introduction to Competitive Pauper, 2nd Edition

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  1. Looking very forward to digesting this over the next few days – Thanks for all your hard work, your analysis is invaluable to the community!

  2. Thanks for the write-up. This is one of the best, most comprehensive guides I’ve ever seen for any format.

    Nice work!

  3. And I mean that in like the “I can’t believe how awesome this is” kind of way!

  4. Even so, this article should be boycotted due to its authors incorrect evaulation of delver.

  5. and yet another link to add to my favorites. Thanks for putting this together.

  6. Glad to see so many people are enjoying this, hopefully it helps some out and entices people into trying the format if they haven’t!

  7. Brilliant article JustS!

    Really nice piece to bring more players in the format.

    Im amazed with the effort you had invested in this article.

    Thats the kind of articles we need to bring more players and promote it.


  8. woops! Thanks for pointing out the typo I’ll see if it’s possible to get that fixed, was writing this during MM drafts at times so clearly had it on the brain lol

  9. Sorry, I also meant to said something about the article. It is amazingly well written and thought out. I can imagine you really put a lot of thought and time into it as well, thanks!

  10. Wow, that’s an incredible amount of information in one place.

    Small quibble – I would classify Damn Rats/songs of the damned decks as control-combo (or combo-control), not aggro-combo; the deck usually tries to wipe the board with a rat first and then build up to a big rat/consume spirit later.

  11. Also, please just ignore kezzerdrix – he’s a running joke on this site (check the comments to any of Marshall’s drafts) & I don’t know if the original poster by that name even still posts or it’s just people keeping up the running joke.

  12. Funny enough about Chris Plummer – he just left Pauper to the People. Nate is gonna be hosting now.

  13. This is the best Magic resource I’ve ever encountered. Not just Pauper, Magic: The Gathering as a game. I look forward to studying it and giving Pauper some thought. Thank you!

  14. Amazing work! The staple list would have been perfect when I was starting out. I was looking for just that sort of thing. Now its available and will definitely be a link I will send any new player.

    One tiny thing, Serrated Arrows are about $6-7 each. That price you mention is a static price because the site’s stock has not been replenished in a long time.

  15. Even though I won’t be an active voice on the show, I’ll still work to contribute as much as I can, including guest hosting when I’m able, and being active on the forums and Twitter. And the nice part about podcasts, as well as articles, is that the episodes I’ve recorded are still available for people to reference, at least until the internet explodes.

    This is a fantastic article, and undoubtedly a must-read for anyone interested in the format of Pauper. Well done.

  16. Great information here and I appreciate the effort you put into compiling, dicing, and presenting all these data.

    My small comment is in regards to the sliver decks: there was absolutely a time when sliver was a Tier 1 pauper deck; it’s simply been a long time.

  17. “Introduction” title needs an upgrade to “Encyclopedic!”

    Fantastically thorough. I’m sending this link to several people right away.

  18. rpitcher – I owe you a ticket for that deluxe adjective above….seriously, trade/link this and I’ll give you a ticket. This is indeed a pauper Encyclopedia – and additional props to you for a pseudo-esk ‘Adventuretime’ sub theme – algebraic!

    Uncle Deluxe …(lol..)

  19. Wow! Just wow! Great piece of work! This will be my #1 link to give to new players of the format. Just fantastic!

  20. Great article. I have a suggestion to make: you should link the following article by Scott Johns explaining the notion of “Tempo”.

    You use this term in your article and there are different explanations, but Scott has a very good one. Also you find, by marvellous coincidence, the following introduction:
    “What is Tempo? … Turns out the answer is ANYTHING BUT.” :)

  21. big thanks to everyone for the positive feedback!

    Re: classification of decks is so subjective and I’ll look into making the change, I take that to the community via twitter and have them give input what should go where.

    Re: costs you’re absolutely right I avoided that in most places, but it seems I overlooked one! unfortunately w/ the costs those prices were different days after posting, but they should be close enough to give new players an idea of what they cost

    Also ty for the Tempo link that’s a great point, it’s something I love to talk about, but rarely define. I’ll definitely give it a look over and at the very least include it in the 3rd edition :P

  22. Deluxiecoff: I cannot take credit for the Adventure Time sub-theme. I even had to turn to my in-house Adventure Time expert* to identify what you meant. Outside of staples like Simpsons and Family Guy, I haven’t followed animated shows since….er….Sailor Moon.

    *teen daughter who has Adventure Time posters and Nintendo DS game.

  23. Unreal. Took me a while to get through but I have to congratulate you on an amazing job well done. I’ll be making links to both articles on the site, if someone hasn’t beat me to it already.

  24. Excellent article – thoroughly comprehensive.

    One place I disagree with you on the staple cards of each color: I’d remove probe and add prohibit for blue. Probe is rarely played these days (it was really popular in 2010) and prohibit is usually the best single U counterspell so often sees play in blue decks that aren’t running pure islands as well as in U decks that don’t want to return lands for deprive.

    Oh, and that muc primer was based on my notes for when I was a guest on pauper’s cage (episodes 6 & 7).

    I miss playing that deck.

  25. I can definitely agree on Prohibit, but I made a conscious decision to leave it out due to a cost of almost $4

  26. Have to update my comment from earlier: This is incredibly amazing. A primer’s primer. How long this must have taken… Wowzors!