Beginner’s Guide: Bots on Magic Online

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  1. Wow, Thank you for writing this. As a person who enjoys the occasional limited match on MTG:O, I’ve always been a little confused or overwhelmed by the trade system. Fractions of a ticket and weird bot nuances have always kept me just sitting on the valuable cards I’d pulled. Not that I couldn’t figure it out if I really tried, but I wanted a jumping off point. This helped me not only get in, but get some good reliable value.

  2. I wanted to echo everyone else’s thanks for writing this! This is probably the most extensive and helpful post I’ve seen explaining bots, and MTGOacademy is definitely knowledgeable about bots! For those wanting more information on setting up a bot, I used and
    That said, MTGOLibrary seems kind of sketchy, so I”m not sure I’d recommend it for all.