Anything But: Announcing Something Different

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  1. Love the league idea, but the all-kill format means much more stringent scheduling and a larger time commitment, so I won’t be able to participate. Best of luck to the teams with more open schedules.

    If you do another one of these, I’d participate in a more standard league format. :)

  2. It’s a really interesting set up of the league. Maybe you will make your mind to organize something for STD pauper also:) would be nice!

  3. @bava: thanks for your reply! If I can offer I think you’re mistaken on the time commitment. If you consider a typical DE/PRE that is four rounds of Swiss you’re playing four matches. In this format the most that it will go to is five rounds, which is only one more than the norm and you’re not playing in all of those games yourself. The format also allows an entire week to set up the match, so I consider it like a normal PRE, but without a set date and time. I believe most won’t go to five matches, but there’s a chance I’ll be proven wrong :P If I ran it as a typical league format that kind of debunks the idea of trying something new :)

    @MyGalaxy: glad the idea intrigues you :) at this time I have no plans to jump into Std Pauper; however as I said if people like the idea it is easily open to be used in other formats :)

  4. hey avery thanks for joining us today, glad you had fun and hope to maybe see you join the league :)