Anything But: One-Land Combo

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  1. I want to state so everyone reading this comments knows why I said 85% and 15%. When I give percentages it is rare that I’ve done the appropriate amount of calculations to make them statistically significant. I do not stand by 85% and 15% as real estimate of the success rate. When I use percentages like that in conversations with friends it is more to say you are very likely to go off by turn 5, and that a small percentage of the time you will lose to your deck’s own inconsistencies.

    JustSin and I are friends and we talk often. After rereading what I messaged him during the interview I realize that I slipped into my conversing with friends mode. These statistics are not something anyone should rely upon. I should have been more careful about my use of statistics during the interview. My apologies for any confusion those numbers may have caused.

  2. “You did see me win game 3 of the first Round in the Academy Showcase with that strategy.” – where can we see this? :)

  3. @Samuel Kalkin: It makes me very sad to say this, but the video files were unable to be transferred from our Twitch channel. I’m not sure why this happened, as I set our Twitch channel to default-archive the videos, but now they’re gone. :(

    It’s too bad because JustSin did a really great job casting, and the matches were really exciting.

  4. @shaffa: thanks for the clarification note lol

    @sam: yes unfortunately Twitch seems to have glitched on us, but if you check out shaffa’s twitter he has photos of several first turn wins he’s managed to pull off with the deck since our discussion, as far as the beatdown strategy he employed well it was funny to watch and mostly came down to hard casting Street Wraith’s and attacking lol

  5. excellent article! really enjoyed the insight and explanations of the deck….

    thanks for sharing Justin and shaffawaffa!

    Can’t wait to read more…

  6. With respect to my ridiculous rube goldberg combo, I usually just cast Gnaw from the graveyard; that gets you 60 plus life which should be enough to run your combo enough times to mill your opponent out. (Unless he’s playing 55-land treasure hunt).

    Probably better to go truly infinite by getting back the Gnaw, though.

  7. @tom: obZen and I figured out a way to make this combo work faster. In place of Gnaw we’re running Gray Merchant. Nets 3 life per cycle but shoots for 6. So if they get to 30 it should just take 5 cycles as opposed to 16-23 like it does with spy.

  8. @tom: just to piggy back off of shaffa I want to thank you. Your “rube goldberg” combo was an important piece to further the development of the deck, and it did exactly what we were looking for from the board to combat hate. with that said it was a very time consuming to resolve, and I had the privilege of resolving this combo on turn 2 against AZKitty(luckily for me I finally won after storm 95 while my opponent had taken a nap woke up, ate a sandwich, checked all his social networking sites and still had time to tell me about it). After this experience I absolutely had to find another way, so after a short conversation with shaffa we swapped out Gnaw to the Bone for Gray Merchant to reduce the time it takes to win, and it adds another creature to boot!