Anything But: Talking Tron

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  1. Putting a singleton of a card into a deck is valid if you can either search for it (lands with Expedition Map) or you have a better option in another card that you already play 4 times but you want redundancy so you also put in the weaker card.

    The second reason is the one Avignon had when adding one more burn and one more card draw spell. The reasoning is solid, the question is if his other early burn (Firebolt) and card draw (Mulldrifter + Oracle) are better in the current meta. I think they are :)

    If his utility lands (Fengraf, Khalni Garden, Quicksand) are good is another question. I like them more when using Crop Rotation.

  2. Black Cats in the sideboard are a joke. Reboorn always puts 4 Black Cats in his sideboard. Also yay for being the only guy to play Illusions! Go me! :)

  3. Dude… with as many players as there are now, EVERY deck is a net deck, unless it’s some piece of crap trying to be different for the sake of not being a net deck.

  4. thanks for reading “disagree” but you clearly entirely missed the point, especially the part where I said “this isn’t an argument on netdecking”

  5. Has anyone considered Halimar Wavewatch in a tron deck? Seems good for stopping early ground assaults, and then it becomes a win condition later in the game.