Artifact Toys for 100 Card Singleton

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  1. Some quick thoughts …

    1. With Dagsum and Forgemaster, I would definitely find room for Blightsteel Colossus. He just ends games.
    2. Baleful Strix seems like it would fit very nicely in the deck as well.
    3. Drain without Jace just seems wrong.
    4. Everytime you’re casting/tutoring Sword of the Meek & Thopter Foundry, your mirror opp. is casting Painter & Grindstone. Also, every time you have SotM instead of SoFI you will have a sad.
    5. Trinket Mage (finding Engineered Explosives, Executioner’s Capsule etc) seems powerful. Also, Architect into Treasure Mage is a reason to have them as maindeck redundancy for Metalworker.

    Overall, I feel the archetype can be quite powerful in 100cs.

  2. Thanks for the comment, juggernaut.
    1) Blightsteel could go in, maybe. Note that Dagsson can only search non-creatures. I prefer stuff that can be hardcast, but there’s an argument to be made.
    2) Yep, Baleful Strix is very good and is in the deck (but not in the budget version)
    3) Yep, I have a more competitive version that has Jace. It’s only different by a handful of cards – it includes Swords to Plowshares and Oblivion Ring among a few other that I forget off the top of my head.
    4) Sure, but I’m thinking about the cards’ usefulness on their own, too. Thopter Foundry, at least, is quite useful even without Thopter Foundry, and that’s not something I can say for Painter or Stone.
    5a) Maybe Travis can address the Trinket Mage topic. I hear he is a pretty big fan of Trinket Mage toolboxes.
    5b) Grand Architect is pretty neat, and he’s probably a little better than he was in my mind when I dismissed him early on. I might try him for a while and see what I think. Like I said, I don’t want very many non-artifact creatures in the deck, but he might be worth a shot.
    5c) One thing that occurs to me is that Treasure Mage would be a candidate for sprucing up the 3 slot in my Birthing Pod lineup. Blade Splicer might be more desirable in that spot – I’ve tried her and not been unhappy.

  3. Slug – you’re the man! A couple of really interesting suggestions there. I’ll ]have to try them out.