Author Archive : ChrisKool and PlanetWalls
Chris and A.J. have been playing for a long, long time and are both staff members of MTGO Academy. Their favorite format is 100 Card Singleton.
Introducing ShufflerDaemon, a New Software Fool! (ft. a GTC Swiss Draft)

Be the first to see this! Chris and A.J. reveal a new free-to-use software tool, exclusive to MTGO Academy, that will give you a leg up against the online competition. Thanks to our programmers, it’s now possible to influence the MTGO shuffler. Check out the tool tutorial and watch it used in a Swiss GTC draft!

Let’s Play Magic Online: Classic DE with Two Rogue Builds

Chris pilots UB Tezzeret-Jace Control in a Classic Daily Event, and A.J. pilots Mishra’s Birthing v. 0.9. Each records his own videos, each plays his own favorite artifact bird, and each earns his own just deserts. Get your Classic fix today / for this format is here to stay, / and also it’d be nice to say / to enderfall, happy late birthday!