Back to Basics: Deckbuilding!

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  1. Nice, I had never tried the stats button. I’ll run my decks through that today and see how it goes. Looks promising.

    It’s a shame you didn’t really get into the stats button and it’s functions in a detailed manner though. Perhaps a few minutes of research into it before shooting the vid could have helped.
    I mean people can figure it out, but they can figure all of this out anyway. That’s not what the vid is about, I think.

    Either way, always good to learn (or I guess just see, still have to learn it :p) something new, so thanks :)

  2. I wanted to, but the videos are directed more at a new player audience and i like to keep my videos about 4-5 minutes long. I tend to get carried away when i dig into specific things and I can blow something like this up into a 30 minute monstrosity. I wish I were better at public speaking ;/

  3. As do we all Matt…

    But still a good job. I’ve already told 5 or 6 new players to check your vids out so if they quit playing, it’s your fault. No pressure.

  4. As far as I know the promo cards (like my Emrakul when I look for zendikar block constructed) don’t show under certain filters. I think it is very annoying…do you know a way to get around this without manually changing the filter? I can imagine it being a problem for people who have many promo versions of cards

  5. @Zwick: For my $0.02 this was a fine vid (the subject matter wasn’t very exciting but that’s not your fault).

    Also, ‘slightly’ off-topic: Do you have any idea where Marin is? I’m a little worried because he’s usually so punctual with sales on this site (like ‘log on after you click ‘confirm’ and PM you 2 minutes later’ punctual) and now I haven’t seen him in a while. The pauper PRE people I spoke to mentioned they hadn’t been able to get in touch him, either.

    Apologies for going off-topic, I do realise this is not a topic about Marin.

  6. Hello guys,

    I was traveling for several weeks and had a hard time to get Internet access. I will be ready for action again very soon and will catch up with everything soon. See you all,


  7. Glad to hear you’re still alive :)

    I told ‘em you were on vacation last I (briefly) spoke to you, but that had been like a week so I wasn’t sure that was still the case.
    Anyway it’s good you’ll be back soon.