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  1. Nice, I was wondering why I never received any newsletters for the magic player rewards program. The rest is helpful, for example I didn’t know how to change the play mat background!

  2. Good job, Tech Noir! For the technologically challenged like myself, these are quite helpful.

  3. I love having the options for messages and save/load your messages as some times I wish to see what a bot said about pricing with out opening a trade with it.

  4. Hmmm, you said the Draft Recorder saves your picks to a text file. Where exactly would that file be located on your computer?

  5. mine are in here: …..Documents\Games\Magic The Gathering Online\Drafts
    To find it, first u need to set the client to record drafts. Next enter a draft. Then you search for “drafts”. Should work. =)

  6. Found it. I’ve had the recorded enabled forever, but never been able to find the files lol.

  7. Huh…i watched this just see if i was missing anything…never knew what the buttons did but i clicked the ones that sounded decent.

  8. This video helped me a lot, though some of the explanations were a little too long. I doubt even first-time users would need or want a full sentence explained by restructuring it (fake example off of the top of my head: “everything has a yellow border means that every border becomes yellow”).
    But I guess you don’t want dead air, and that’s a fine choice.

    I enjoyed the vid and good some good stuff out of it. Especially the ‘no huge card top-left’ and ‘disable foil animations’ are going to be awesome I believe, thanks!