Back to Basics: The Auction Room!

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  1. I remember back in the day when the auction room would be full of nonstop action. Although most bots keep down prices right now and people think their cards are worth more than they are, it seemed like back in the day you could get good deals just by watching the room every so often.

  2. You can still get deals, its just much harder to do so in trading standard cards because the margins are slim for reselling. You’re right though, in that auctions are less prevalent nowadays.

  3. Belbot Commands in PM to Belbot:

    Card:min Start an auction with a min sell price sent in a pm to Belbot.

    Room Commands for Belbot:
    Neer or Lister Check to see is Belbot is running, and how to format lots to Belbot
    Whole Number Bid on an auction (You cannot bid on you own lot. If you do Belbot will tell the room you are bidding on you own lot)
    Ret Remove your bids
    Pause or Wait Pause the auction for 30 seconds. (Only twice a lot, once per User, and can not be used for your own lot)
    Relist Relist the Auction
    Tap or [sTap] or crtl Q t Add a tap to the current lot. If an auction gets 3 taps from users Belbot will speed on on the current lot. This is to be used with the seller is asking too much for the lot.
    UnTap Remove a Tap you gave to a lot.

    Ret lot The command for retreating the lot only works when typed by BelGarath

    I think these are all the commands

  4. man for some reason my comp does not want to play the videos on the site….
    how do you check and see if an auction is going?
    @Kensiky thank you for typing the commands your a life saver…

  5. Slow tutorials! I want to play not watch people think what they are going to say. Make FAST tutorial like this:

    1. I want to get Jace 2.0 (10 sec)
    2. I go to whereever I need to go (30 sec)
    3. Get it! (10) sec

    This shows in a less than a minute how to get cards. Then you can tell them more detailed stuff.