Back to Basics: Trading!

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  1. Can you explain what happens with the trade when you pick say 10 cards, then press confirm, but then want to remove or add a card? the button does not become unclicked, and I can’t recall off the top of my head what will happen. I know when you trade with bots, this causes the trade to not work for their system so they will either auto cancel or you will have to cancel and restart a trade with them. what happens with humans? does anything happen if you press the confirm trade button again? thanks!
    *my computer broke so I can’t get on MTGO to check it…

  2. It was hard to cover this deeply because Chris was doing homework, but when that happens, as long as the other person didn’t confirm yet, you can simply double-click once or twice on a card they own or a card you have in trade, and it will “un-click” confirm.

  3. I recommend all new players I meet through my clan and PDC to this series. It’s so useful for helping players better understand how this SUPERB client functions.

    Thanks for doing these Zwick.

  4. ok been trying for a while now to figure out how to trade. can you really call this a complete trading guide if you don’t tell me how to add my own cards or tickets to the trade. i just started yesterday and everything you showed here is intuitive. But how teh **** do i add stuff t the trade window, i will continue to look on your site. i’m sure you have it somewhere.