Blast from the Past: 100 Card Singleton Resources Link

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  1. 1. Are you guys compensating Zimbardo for running this again? (lol)
    2. Is the “Weekend Challenge” still happening?
    3. Is this supported?

    I wanna play.

  2. afaik the weekend challenge made way for daily events and 1x premier event/month.

    all of which never fire :(

  3. Stupid question, but I have seen this on the daily’s.

    What is Standard 100 card singleton?

    Is it 100 card singleton but only STD cards? There is no info for it on the MTG website.

  4. Great list. I got started in 100C Singleton when I first read the 5 color greedy deck article. Built the deck and still love to play it.

  5. Standard singleton is 60 cards, not 100 (pretty sure).

    This was a great resource by Zimbardo and still is a tremendous intro to the format. A couple new sets doesn’t change that much in a singleton format.

    I’d love to see this website become a hub for 100cs and help organize a community for the format so it can grow, similar to how Classic Quarter is for classic.

  6. Alas, WotC’s attempt to make events more available scattered the small community to the wind. Then Commander took off, and I, as one of the few spokesmen for the format, went with it.

    I would love to see this format have a resurgence, but not with the current bannings in place. I have no idea what the format moderators are thinking; this is a competitive format. The current bannings seem thoughtless, are not in the spirit of Singleton at all, and suck the variance out of building competitive decks. I have no idea why, but this has always been the red-headed step child of alternative formats, and, I think just maybe we got smacked a little too hard this last time around.

    But, if you build it, I will come and take your prizes!