Blast from the Past: Best of The Drawing Board

  1. It’s a sad thing to be the first person to comment in here, but what the hell are these weird subtitle generators?!?!? It’s hilariously inaccurate!


    +2 well played. When you said “I feel like this sentance could be differant” when talking bout creeper, I choked up a fluffer nutter sandwich fresh off the pipes on my new keyboard.

    I am typing this from my even newer keyboard.



  3. Happy to see you back, Trav! Hope you’ve had some enjoyable experiences board gaming recently. I tip my hat to you.

  4. I totally miss Travis. His videos are still unique and entertaining. I watch more than I want to admit amount of Magic videos, but there is still an absence that his content occupied and with nothing close to what he produced. I’ve been magic content watching for 4 years, when I have time I shouldn’t be wasting do so, and I never leave comments. But, its Book! and I’m glad to see his content on the homepage, even if its just “Blast from the Pasts.” Hire this man, give him a raise, sign over the company, make this man happy.

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