Block Report: Annihilation!

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  1. This article was written in rush and it really lacks deeper analysis. It’s just looking into daily event lists and giving one that performed well without even a try to analyze at least different matchups. There is no sideboard listed as well, author probably has no idea how to sideboard against different decks. If Mtgoacademy wants to gain any kind of respect it has to stop publishing articles like this. People will look to another places for real articles.

  2. I have found that Mono red is indeed too weak against many of the top archetypes, mainly due to the fact that they all run white and have access to firewalker. In addition, the vampires matchup is quite hard for red. Makes me sad that I invested in a block RDW instead of say the eldrazi deck, which I think is quite strong.
    Is there any reason why you only post the results from up until the 22nd? Nevertheless, good to see the numbers being compiled!

  3. Re: Kosta105 I understand what you’re trying to say but how can I give you a match up comparision with the deck if I dont have the parts to build it with and can not test it myself? And as for the sideboard there is plenty of different ways to sideboard against different decks it all depends on your play style. You might be weaker against Red Deck Wins than the average Eldrazi player and run 4 Kor Firewalkers over 4 Pelakka Wurm or Momentous Fall?. Or weaker against vamps and run 4 Devouted Lightcaster? Run Naturalize over Nature’s Claim due to the fact you dont want to give them life. It all really just depends on your style and what you feel is better

    Re. Aznsilly Sorry to hear about that Aznsilly Kor Firewalker can slow down Red Deck Wins a lot and makes them rely on a Unstable Footing to take control of certain match ups. But becomes really difficult with U/W Control running walls and counters. And the reason it went up to the 22nd is because when I finished writing the article it went up to that date, Next months I will continue from 22nd- up to the last date it shows.

    And the next article will about Koros and how it runs with match up results.

  4. Yeah tis quite a short article and not too much anaylsis on the actual deck constructions and which deck matchups it favours and faulters against. Its good to have things like this to help examine the metagame and the deck constructions and strategys of the most popular or successful decks but this one seemed a tad short.

  5. I dont see the point in putting gideon in there I dont feel like he fits the theme of the decks at all

  6. You could (and perhaps should?) have made that comment regarding the sideboard right in the article. Stuff like that is what I am interested in, not just some results with a random netdeck attached.

    If you have the knowledge, write it down! And if you don’t have the knowledge…

  7. I put after the I added in the deck that I would not include a sideboard since it changes from person to person.

    Re: Masterofbrine Gideon is used as a fog effect to help buy time to ramp up, or a finisher after you cast All Is Dust

  8. I just want to know what your sideboard plan is. That will give others a good idea of what too prepare for

  9. True SB options very from person to person and the meta, but maybe for someone who doesn’t have any idea show some cards that are good against certain decks. I find this helpful for new readers as well as experienced players alike.

  10. A nice Sideboard plan so far would be 3 Kor Firewalkers, 2 Day of Judgement, 4 Nature’s Claim, 3 Summoning Trap, 3 Pelakka Wurm. Wurm and Firewalkers help deal with Koros and Red Deck Wins. Summoning Trap is for U/W Control and for RUG Control when they side in counters. More Day of Judgement for Vampires, Mono G Eldrazi and Koros. And of course Nature’s Claim is good all around since it targets Everflowing Chalice, Luminarch Ascension, Journey to Nowhere and many other targets.

  11. Cool, see thats a good detailed sideboard plan and something that should probably be expanded upon and placed in the article itself. Thanks

  12. Like the others said I too definitely feel as though you should have put the sideboard in. Good read but awfully short. Good article all together though.

  13. Thanks for the feedback everyone, next time I will plan to extended it more and add in sideboards in the future. I apologize for lack of sideboard this time.