Born of the Gods Visual Spoiler (Complete)

Acolyte's Reward Akroan Phalanx

Akroan Skyguard Archetype of Courage

Brimaz, King of Oreskos Dawn to Dusk

Eidolon of Countless Battles Elite Skirmisher

Ephara's Radiance Excoriate

Fated Retribution Ghostblade Eidolon

Glimpse the Sun God God-Favored General

Great Hart Griffin Dreamfinder

Hero of Iroas Hold at Bay

Loyal Pegasus Mortal's Ardor

Nyxborn Shieldmate Oreskos Sun Guide

Ornitharch Plea for Guidance

Revoke Existence Silent Sentinel

Spirit of the Labyrinth Sunbond

Vanguard of Brimaz Aerie Worshippers

Arbiter of the Ideal Archetype of Imagination

Chorus of the Tides Crypsis

Deepwater Hypnotist Divination

Eternity Snare Evanescent Intellect

Fated Infatuation Flitterstep Eidolon

Floodtide Serpent Kraken of the Straits

Meletis Astronomer Mindreaver

Nullify Nyxborn Triton

Oracle's Insight Perplexing Chimera

Retraction Helix Siren of the Fanged Coast

Sphinx's Disciple Stratus Walk

Sudden Storm Thassa's Rebuff

Tromokratis Vortex Elemental

Whelming Wave Archetype of Finality

Ashiok's Adept Asphyxiate

Bile Blight Black Oak of Odunos

Champion of Stray Souls Claim of Erebos

Drown in Sorrow Eater of Hope

Eye Gouge Fate Unraveler

Fated Return Felhide Brawler

Forlorn Pseudamma Forsaken Drifters

Gild Grisly Transformation

Herald of Torment Marshmist Titan

Necrobite Nyxborn Eidolon

Odunos River Trawler Pain Seer

Sanguimancy Servant of Tymaret

Shrike Harpy Spiteful Returned

Warchanter of Mogis Weight of the Underworld

Akroan Conscriptor Archetype of Aggression

Bolt of Keranos Cyclops of One-Eyed Pass

Epiphany Storm Everflame Eidolon

Fall of the Hammer Fated Conflagration

Fearsome Temper Felhide Spiritbinder

Flame-Wreathed Phoenix Forgestoker Dragon

Impetuous Sunchaser Kragma Butcher

Lightning Volley Nyxborn Rollicker

Oracle of Bones Pharagax Giant

Pinnacle of Rage Reckless Reveler

Rise to the Challenge Satyr Firedancer

Satyr Nyx-Smith Scouring Sands

Searing Blood Stormcaller of Keranos

Thunder Brute Thunderous Might

Whims of the Fates Archetype of Endurance

Aspect of Hydra Charging Badger

Courser of Kruphix Culling Mark

Fated Intervention Graverobber Spider

Hero of Leina Tower Hunter's Prowess

Karametra's Favor Mischief and Mayhem

Mortal's Resolve Nessian Demolok

Nessian Wilds Ravager Noble Quarry

Nyxborn Wolf Peregrination

Pheres-Band Raiders Pheres-Band Tromper

Raised by Wolves Satyr Wayfinder

Scourge of Skola Vale Setessan Oathsworn

Setessan Starbreaker Skyreaping

Snake of the Golden Grove Swordwise Centaur

Unravel the Æther Chromanticore

Ephara, God of the Polis Ephara's Enlightenment

Fanatic of Xenagos Karametra, God of Harvests

Kiora, the Crashing Wave Kiora's Follower

Mogis, God of Slaughter Phenax, God of Deception

Ragemonger Reap What Is Sown

Siren of the Silent Song Xenagos, God of Revels

Astral Cornucopia Gorgon's Head

Heroes' Podium Pillar of War

Siren Song Lyre Springleaf Drum

Temple of Enlightenment Temple of Malice

Temple of Plenty

  1. Give me a Freed from the Real reprint for that inspired mechanic! I want as much twiddling as possible. It does give the Witch’s Eye and Titan of Eternal Fire a slight boost too, I guess.

  2. A hybrid U/W mana symbol counts as one devotion for U, one devotion for W, and one devotion for U and W (for instance, what Ephara looks for). If you have a creature that costs U/W U/W U/W, that is three devotion for Heliod, three devotion for Thassa, and three devotion for Ephara.

  3. I think inspired looks interesting to try in limited as a build around. It can’t possibly see it being as fast as a good theros heroic white deck, but there has to be some sort of disgusting combo, right? Even if you don’t build around it, there are probably some card that just give enough incidental value to be good on their own.

  4. Fateful Intervention GGG2 (rare)
    Put 2 3/3 green Centaur enchantment creature tokens onto the battlefield. If it’s your turn, scry 2.

  5. Springleaf Drum interacts favorably with Inspired, allowing you to tap creatures that would otherwise have trouble attacking. It’s interesting to see how a reprinted card can have an entirely new meaning in a new environment.

  6. Even bigger guys ;) Hope they print some removals, otherwise who has the better rare…
    Can Ephara draw 2 cards? If you play a creature normal in your turn ->draw at the beginning of your opponents upkeep. In your opponents turn play a “flash-creature” ->draw at the beginning of your upkeep!
    Has every new god so weird upkeep-triggers?
    This set has a million triggers, because of the inspired-ability. I think many good players abuse the triggers of heroic and inspired, this is fun ;)

  7. I’m wondering how Hero of Iroas and Silent Sentinal will interact with bestow.

    Does the hero know you’re casting an aura and make it cheaper when you pay for bestow?
    Do you get the chance to bestow a creature you return with the Sentinal?

    Those question will kinda make or brake those cards for me.. Ofcourse a free enchantment every turn is nice, but getting to reuse that Baleful Eidolon twice again would be great.

  8. @Myself

    I did some research: Wizards confirmed that Hero works with bestow, and I’m pretty sure you can not bestow reanimated enchantment creatures.

  9. Glarb, you are correct. Hero works with bestow, and when you reanimate a bestow creature, you put it on the battlefield – while bestowing is a “you may cast this as an aura instead”. But given that you are not casting the creature, just putting it on the battlefield, you can’t bestow it.

  10. Fanatic of Xenagos GR1 (uncommon)
    Creature – Centaur Warrior
    Tribute 1 (As this creature enters the battlefield, an opponent of your choice may put a +1/+1 counter on it.)
    When Fanatic of Xenagos enters the battlefield, if its tribute wasn’t paid, it gets +1/+1 and gains haste until end of turn.

  11. Hero of Iroas doesn’t seem to have quite enough power for breaking into Bant or Selesnya hexproof, but an unflinching courage for 2 just sounds so tempting. Maybe he’s a cornerstone in the Azorius Sphere of Safety deck with Arbiter of the Ideal.

  12. Ummmmmm, Kiora’s Follower is buuuusted in Modern…..1) It’s a Merfolk, 2) All the merfolk lords, 3) Wake Thrasher……2 Kiora’s Followers in play and a Wake Thrasher. Oh I know you are all thinking, “Magical Christmas Land, here we come!” but is it really? Kiora’s Follower is pretty sweet in Modern merfolk on it’s own (“sure, i’ll play two lords this turn off of Aether Vial, or have a good sized blocker for your turn”), and I firmly believe Wake Thrasher has been criminally overlooked already. I mean, it is, on a small level, the merfolk Goblin Piledriver. I don’t know about you all, but I will be picking up my playsets of both A.S.A.P.

  13. @Kainius Merfolk loves blue devotion! So why play a green/blue untapper? It is very important to have double blue on turn 2 so you can play a merfolk-lord! And you don’t need a Wake Thrasher, because all your merfolks have Islandwalk, and you play a Spreading Seas (normaly on a non-basic-land of your opponent)
    But the Kioras Follower is a nice card, more fun in limited than constructed! I think you can have some nice tricks by untapping an “Inspired”-Creature ;)

  14. Was thinking the same thing, the most immediate disadvantage that you won’t get any immediate effects from it the following turn without interaction from other cards…

  15. Yeah – I foresee the main problem being that it needs to become tapped before getting any benefit from it. That, and it can be turned off if you can’t attack with it or it gets tapped down somehow.

  16. @maestro The Pain Seer is no way near Bob! Bob just do his thing and that calls “card-advantage”! The Pain Seer needs a lot of help! And until now there aren’t any good tap/untap-tricks.
    I prefer Thassa’s Emissary, okay you have to make damage to your opponent to draw a card and it costs more mana. I think Pain Seer is may be early in the game good, but looses it’s value really quick.
    Bob’s disadvantage can be handled by designing a good deck around him, with enough removal/sacrifice-abilities.

    This Edition seams to have too much “delayed-trigger-abilities”, very complex stuff! Especially you have to decide much before drawing a card, for example the cards like Arie Worshippers. You must ask every untap-phase do I pay 3 for a token, or do I need mana for my other cards in hand.

  17. I was really excited about Reap What Is Sown as a great heroic trigger in limited, but then I realized it only targets once per creature. It does has an increased reach if you have the board presence. At the same time a Common Bond reprint would have been more effective given you could hit the same target twice in a row with it. Common bond would have netted you a 11/11 Centaur Battlemaster with two cards. Now I need four cards, three with heroic triggers, for value. Well played R&D.

    White weenie was dropped a big gift in Archetype of courage. It hits right in that 3 CMC sweet spot and the affect makes combat a nightmare for your opponent. It makes that precinct captain spit out very valid blockers and could wreck red aggressive play. How is this an uncommon?

    Archetype of Endurance in a Red Green stompy deck. 8 CMC seems right to discourage this in competitive play, but there is a ton of ramp around. 6/5 hexproof that makes everything else huge I have hexproof? That’s a pretty good finisher at uncommon and a great bomb to draft around. If you’re seeing a lot of voyaging satyrs this some centaurs and a couple foxes could set you in block.

  18. @Majickthise

    Common Bond is still Standard legal, since it’s from RTR (just like the Precinct Captain you mentioned).

  19. @Maestro

    This is true. And a reprint of a card that is still in standard would be silly. It just means in block draft you won’t be able to repeated target like I first thought. Centaur Battlemaster is not good enough for standard but is decent in draft. I was hoping Reap What Is Sown could be heroic dynamite draft, but it’s more of a glass cannon.

    Archetype of courage looks very playable in a standard white weenie. And great in draft as a turn three with loads of utility. Cheap, has more than one toughness, falls at the right time for his stats, I’d say he’s a high pick at uncommon.

  20. If you check the rulings on heroic, it only triggers heroic on the targeted creature (multiple heroic creatures work ofc) once per spell, so common bond only makes battlemaster a 8/8. As you say, Reap looks fine in sealed as a combat trick as long as you have enough targets.

    Nyxborn Shieldmate looks very much constructed playable. It’s is a 1/2 that makes a 2/4 with itself, it could triggers heroic on something else, and it leaves a body behind. My standard Triton Shorethief deck just looks strictly worse right now.

    But to be serious, Shieldmate might be playable in limited if you need heroic triggers, or to pump the toughness of your white weenie uncommons and rares. Seems very situational though, and there may be strictly better options in the set.

  21. @Ergoogre,

    Shieldmate IS playable in the dedicated heroic decks of limited, and it will actually be pretty good in them, but it’s unplayable in any other deck. A good way to assess playability of bestow creatures is to ask yourself: “would I play just the enchantment half of the card in my deck? is the creature who’s left behind strong enough to justify overpaying for the enchantment half? and would I ever be happy to play the creature not as an aura but as itself?”

    In any deck that doesn’t have 2 or more ordeals in it, a 1/2 for 1 is a sideboard card against bad aggro decks that look to win by playing 15 satyr hedonists. It doesn’t even have any ability, so unlike hopeful eidlon for example it will almost never be good to target him with bestow creatures. So you’ll never want to play him as just a creature.
    As an enchantment he’s as weak as we’ve seen a bestow creature get. Just a vanilla +1/+2. That’s just not a good enchantment and I wouldn’t ever play a card that did just this in my decks.
    The creature left behind, a 1/2, is good for chump blocking and little else. It gets very close to being a worthless creature.

    So the card fails on all fronts. It’s only good in decks that would play any card that has the text “target creature you control” on it – if what we’ve seen from Theros is an indicator, that will mostly be aggressive WR or WU strategies, who will be glad to have the cheapest bestow creature yet (at 3 mana – although everflame Eidlon costs the same and is incredibly better. Still an uncommon though).

    What I’m saying is that it’s going to be an important component of one kind of deck, and very bad in almost any other deck. Meaning that aggressive players could get it consistnetly even though we have only a single Born of the Gods pack to open.

  22. @ Carrot

    I hope you didn’t think I was serious about Shieldmate being constructed playable. Lantis asked earlier if it was, and I assume he or she was being facetious as well.

    And I don’t disagree with your assessments here, this is a cheap card for the white heroic deck that shouldn’t be that hard to pick up. But with over 100 cards yet to be revealed I am still expecting some more cards that interact with heroic, so i don’t know how highly i would pick this yet.

  23. There had better be some pretty good aggressive decks in this format or the Tribute cards are going to make quite a thump as most of them are either a two for one straight up if you don’t pay the tribute cost, or a undercosted vanilla creature if you do pay the tribute.

    Fortunately, most of the tribute creatures lack super dangerous abilities, like trample, as those are mostly limited to the Rares. I’ll be curious as to the constructed implications, but I think for limited it’s going to be just pseudo-bomb for some of the rares and just a pretty good card for the uncommons.

  24. Plea for Guidance – W5 (rare)
    Search your library for up to two enchantment cards, reveal them, and put them into your hand. Then shuffle your library.

  25. Siren of Silent Song – BU1 (Uncommon)
    Creature — Zombie Siren
    Inspired — Whenever Siren of Silent Song becomes untapped, each opponent discards a card and puts the top card of his or her library into his or her graveyard.

  26. So, is Gild going to immediately get Oracle text to explain who gets the Gold token? It’s completely vague as it sits, though I imagine the default ruling would be to give it to the exiled creature’s controller.

  27. Why would you imagine that?
    I read the card as if it is giving instructions to the caster: You exile any target creature. Then YOU put a token into play. No, you can’t put into play for your opponent! What are you, an idiot? Look, just untap that mana and pretend you were going to do something else, ok?”

  28. @Maestro: I understand the confusion. But generally when a spell says to put something into play and doesn’t specify which player, it means to put into play under control of the caster of the spell.

  29. So does Eidolon of Countless battles by itself hit the board at 1/1 or 2/2?

    The card states +1/+1 for each creature and +1/+1 for each enchantment you control. The ‘and’ makes it sound like these effects are counted separately, but the each makes it reminiscent of Devotion and hybrid mana symbols so an Enchantment Creature is only +1/+1, not +1/+1 for creature then an additional +1/+1 for it being an enchantment.

    It also makes a big different in the value of the card if in constructed a Heliod Cleric Token is an instant +2/+2 buff or in draft the God Favored General inspired trigger Drops +4/+4 and two tokens on the table.

  30. @Majickthise: It is +1/+1 for each creature and aura, not enchantment; he counts himself in all modes, but only once.

    If you bestow him, he’s minimum +2/+2 since you then control at least one aura (him) and one creature (the bestowee), but when he falls off he’s at minimum a 1/1 since you control at least one creature but no longer necessarily control any auras.

  31. I hate to say it, but after looking at this entire spoiler i’ve decided not to purchase any born of the gods packs nor compete in local friday night draft… this set doesnt even have one good card in it, everything is a 0/1 that does something stupid, or an unimpressive god. Bring in the Primeval Titan, or the Ninja Jitee, or Reoccuring Nightmare, heck even something like an Olivia Volderen or a Thundermaw Hellkite would have been nice. Born of the Gods is Garbage

  32. @Johnnycapo:

    That’s just because it is based on combinations. Why won’t you play a format if there are no broken cards in it? The general gist (and in my eyes, for good reason) is that you do NOT want cards to be too broken (like most of the cards you mentioned) because it would be no fun at all if your opponent has the luck to get one and you don’t. Keeping the cards fair by themselves and play it more on clever combination of cards that are not so good on their own is a valid strategy.

    Of course, it’s your opinion but just crying for broken cards will never work with the current meta ;)

  33. Lol – I think Johnnycapo’s either completely unfamiliar with what Limited is like, or is trying to troll rather obviously. Saying things like “everything is a 0/1 that does something stupid” is beyond hyperbole and goes into the realm of absurdity. I mean, has he not seen Mogis, Brimaz, or Archetype of Courage? And those are just the ones that came to mind immediately.

    If this were a serious discussion, I’d bring up the fact that drafting this set will go “BTG THS THS,” so only one pack of the new set will be used by each player during a draft. That means that Theros is still the primary set and will still form the core of the draft. Complaining about the power level of Born of the Gods on its own – however completely unfounded such complaints are – is to ignore the set’s place in the format (not to mention the cards themselves).

  34. It would be really cool if there would be a Planeswalker that summons wolves. Or a legendary creature that has a mana ability that lets you make wolf tokens :D

  35. @Anonymous I think you missed the boat, that was Garruk Relentless :P Also Master of the Wild Hunt might be an EDH card for you to play, very good and cool card:)