1. Maybe your last opponent just wanted to be nice enough to let you live the dream of ultimating 2 planeswalkers. Not realy any reason not to since it was the last game

  2. @Andy: I actually did note that when I allowed him to get my planeswalker (no sense in wasting syncopate to save 4 loyalty off a Jace). I kind of ignored it when mentioning that I should’ve played around it anyway, because it’s very easy for him to just be holding a Mountain in hand, in which case I really *am* dead to dynacharge for no reason (as I could only Syncopate for 1).

    @Billy: I got back at him the next day. No-sirred the split and crushed him in the finals of another daily. Was still rude.

  3. in the last game you could actually have ult’ed your ral a turn earlyer to let him die and play the one you had in hand. With the 4 extra turns you got you would’ve been able to ult him before your extraturns ended :) that would have been even more insane (I don’t say it would’ve been the right play though)

  4. I was wondering if you thought there was a place for slaughter games in the deck somewhere. I feel that rtr grixis would be a really good matchup for rtr esper in that sense.

  5. @Avari: That would’ve been really awkward if I had flipped all tails. Ral Zarek is sweet, but rarely can you plan around his ult.

    @Alan: Absolutely. Since these videos I’ve been playing a couple Slaughter Games in the board instead of Counterflux and Rakdos’s Return. Sometimes it’s a complete whiff, but since it’s basically the only thing in the format that actually deals with Aetherling, it’s generally worth it.

    Though honestly, I think I’m taking them out of my board and trying other things. Slaughter Games is fine, but I hate tapping out for it and then they resolve Jace and still have Nightveil Specters and Precinct Captains to win (which are slightly problematic after board since I lose removal – I’ve taken to boarding in a couple Mizzium Mortars for this matchup).

    That said, it’s hard to go wrong in this matchup since you outplaneswalker them pretty handily. Losing to Esper is much harder than I thought it would be.

  6. Your r2 opponent is obviously going to be mad when you constantly misplay, and get rewarded for it at every turn.