Building Blocks: Jund Aggro in RTR Block Constructed

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  1. Hello Lee,
    Nice jund list but it can use some tuning as you mentioned. In jund your answers to reckoner are dread bore and abrupt decay. I think the wrecking ogre is in this list for round 1. Side them out in the next 2 rounds because control has instant removal and at 5 mana they are too slow for aggro. I also do not think the rakdos return fits in the main for what the deck is trying to do.

  2. Act of Treason: Gain control of target creature until end of turn. >>>>>>///////Untap that creature//////<<<<<<. It gains haste until end of turn.


    Love the videos as always!

  3. The loose play here (which was rightly acknowledged to your credit) was tough to watch. i felt you had winnable matchups vs mono red, but you didn’t respect your opponent’s deck enough and kept playing like you were the beatdown when he’s clearly the aggressor.

    As you note, vraska does nothing because her -1 is useless in the matchup that you side it in for (control). I’d much rather see some abrupt decays and more dreadbores, probably even some maindeck decays over mortars with more mortars in the side. Jund colours have the best removal spells available, but you maindeck 2 copies of one of the least flexible.

  4. Your round 1 opponent was such a douchebag, seriously. he took TWENTY THREE minutes to play mono red. He’s either queuing 10 games, or he just sucks completely. Or is a slowrolling troll. Either way, super painful to watch because of that.

  5. I run a Jund aggro deck with Dreadbores and Abrupt Decays main, and I can’t imagine cutting them. Every time my opponent plays a Reckoner and I have one in hand or rip one from the top, I’m breathing much much easier.

  6. Just wanted to say that golgari charm is a card against mono red too.

    Love the block vids as allways.

  7. I feel like you weren’t playing aggressively enough most of the time, in my opinion.

    I saw that you have Golgari Charms in the sideboard . . . you might want to consider bringing those in, even against the aggro decks. Against the opponent with all the Firefist Strikers and Foundry Street Denizens, you could have wiped his board. It can also save your guys and may be maindeck worthy.

    I don’t think Vraska belongs in the sideboard at all.

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