Building Blocks: Magic 2014 Draft #1

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  1. To the viewers: Click pause, click the back arrow, and watch another video.

    Terrible draft. Stick with standard because you suck. Srsly a waste of time.

  2. Well. That’s a little harsh… But it is kind of a waste of time.

    I don’t think it’s b/c he sucks though. Just how it plays out sometimes. And that IS an expensive draft to punt, regardless.

  3. When i watched there were no comments yet, but now that ronchaw has “broken the seal” I have to agree wholeheartedly. When constructed players attempt limited bad things happen.

  4. How would you have drafted then? Green and blue seemed to be the only open colors… I probably would have taken the beast advocates, even if the 4/4 is the only green beast at common.

    I also think sensory deprivation is playable. It’s pseudo-removal for blue and it’s dirt cheap.

    Also in hindsight, I probably would have cloned the recluse in the last game because I knew the newt sacrifice was coming.

  5. “I don’t want to be Blue/Green because I wouldn’t have any removal.”

    Takes a 2/1 blue flyer that he suicides to Newt twice over Claustrophobia. Shits himself when he sees a 3/1 evasive threat that he has limited ways to deal with.

  6. To the readers: stop scrolling down, click the back arrow, and quit reading the comments.

    Terrible comment ronchaw. Stick with anything else besides commenting. Srsly a waste of time.

  7. Well, passing claustrophobia was probably a mistake. This core set is like most, you go for the Bomb-Removal-Evasion-whatever A and D were. I dunno if I’d put the green fight removal as “removal”… but blue also has disperse and time ebb to an extent.

  8. Hey you idiots, this is free content that ppl are suposed to learn from not be perfect, if he makes mistakes he learns and newer limited players learn from it too “, great vid and keep up the good work buddy

  9. At the above posters, why bother commenting if you are intent on being nasty. Please, post draft vids of yourself drafting so we can critique you. If you’re too scared, then don’t comment on these videos.

  10. comments don’t have to be positive and glowing to be useful. this video highlights a prototypical limited experience constructed players tend to have.

  11. I personally think UG is one of the meanest color combinations in this set. It’s kinda gross what you can do with it, but you have to prioritize what little removal is available (Claustrophobia, etc.) and be sure to not pass your most important threats (Rumbling Baloth, most obviously). Not to mention giving proper signals – passing two Predatory Slivers to the same player when you’re trying to draft green seems like a bad idea to me. Giant Spider is a good card, but I’d rather pick the good card that disappears later on in the draft than the one that’s usually easier to pick up.

  12. I had a feeling there would be no round 2 while watching the draft so i went ahead and checked. Needless to say i was not surprised.

  13. Harsh. I learned from the draft and appreciate the time and resources you put in as well as the card evaluations. Thank you.