Building Blocks: Maze’s End in RTR Block

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  1. M2G2: I was confused when you were worried about your Baron getting Putrefied when you saw his deck, but then found it amusing when it ended up winning the game for him in a completely different way.

  2. it seems your lack of testing with the deck against anything other than mono red hurt you here. I’m pretty sure I know the list you modified, and you took out the maindeck merciless eviction and putrefy, which are the decks answers to enchantments and artifacts. I’m testing the deck atm and basically the only thing which kills you in the control or slower aggro matchups are those two card types (pithing needle, assemble the legion, underworld connections, det sphere on your cackling perimeter or needle naming aetherling) – you NEED naturalise effects in your deck. I think the maindeck also needs a seconed putrefy and I’m considering sundering growth in the side becuase control opponents will usually tap out for a revelation at some point which gives you an opportunity to kill their pithing needle at instant speed.

  3. Watching M2G2 was just painful. Several time you could have won the game but you were so focused on a Maze’s End victory that you kept blowing it. Several times in your first main phase you could have reduced him to 10 life and your Baron could have just flown over his gate keepers but instead of going for the win you chose to put out more creatures and gain more life. Or at the end (~26:30 in video) when you had reduced him to 12 life, had a crackling perimeter and 12 untapped gates in play but instead passed the turn.

    It was clear you haven’t played this deck much before deciding to record your matches. If you are going to record an experimental deck you need to be more aware of the board state and less focused on a single path to victory.

  4. To Josh, above me: When you’re about to start lecturing someone on why they didn’t make the obvious play, it’s a good idea to stop and ask yourself, “am I absolutely sure there’s no reason he didn’t do that?” There was a Pithing Needle named on Crackling Perimeter, making it rather difficult to win the game with that card, and making it difficult to get the opponent below 10 so that Baron could fly over.

    I usually don’t care so much when observers miss things like that, but your condescending tone really does you no favors here.

  5. Josh,
    I think you forgot that there was a pithing needle out naming crackling perimiter. I went back and checked ~26:30 and it was out there. Not sure about the other times you are referring to. I believe Lee cast his pithing needle early on naming crackling perimiter before he had cast his own crackling perimiter. So, there was no point in the game where he could have used his own crackling perimeter to deal damage.

  6. Thanks for the videos man! Love the content. Just want to say that I wished you would have known what you were getting into though. Maze’s End gets a ton of hate no doubt, I found that you had zero interest in giving it a fare shake. I play Maze’s End in dailies and money often. With some experience and a proper list (Putrefy) I feel like people might give it some more respect. Played properly its a bye against control. Played properly in the mirror it turns into a race. Its also a very winnable match against Mono-Red. Regardless, keep up the good work man. Love the content.

  7. Thanks for the video. enjoyed alot, which block deck you think is the strongest at the moment?

  8. M2G1 Concession was early. Could’ve chained off your urban evolutions – not a likely victory, but not impossible.