Building Blocks: Selesnya Aggro in RTR Block

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  1. In R1 G3, is there any reason you kept playing Advent during your main phase? In one instance, if you’d played it on his EOT he couldn’t have detention sphered it that turn, and you could have hit for 4 before he could remove it.

  2. Hello Lee,
    A card you could consider for you sire of insanity deck is blood scrivener. The card combos well with sire. Also against control you need more Sires because it is a race between the players to resolve their six drop. Sire for you and Aetherling for the control player.

  3. Kieran, you mainphase an Advent in a situation like R1G3 to play around counterspells. It’s basically a choice of playing around a counter or a D Sphere (and to a lesser extent, a Verdict). The line of play Lee made is reasonable since two Spheres had already been played out. It just didn’t turn out right in this particular game.

  4. And Lee, the “cast from hand” thing on Scion is so you can’t make a token copy of it (with Cackling Counterpart or whatever) and then populate that token for infinite copies.

  5. I dont know if you were drinking or your mic sensitivity is just too high but i dont really need/want to hear every noise your mouth makes including your breathing, only got half way through the first game and im done.

  6. Lee,

    Enjoy your vids, hard to find good block players out there. This week wasn’t as entertaining as usual. I think the main thing to learn from this is to play decks you like. You clearly weren’t that in love with the deck going into the tournament, and it showed. You took some pretty questionable lines, and generally had a defeatist attitude about it which hurt your play even further. Would much rather watch you play a control deck you enjoy than a “new” deck you don’t. Regardless, thanks for the content. Look forward to the next one.

  7. I am working on my side boarding lately and I would like to know what anyone thinks of dropping the Calls and bringing in 3 trostanies and the last scion. As he stated Scion is an army in a can with voice especially and same with trostani, however slower. Which means your trading fewer cards for his wraths while still putting up combos he must deal with. Also the life gain from trostani is very relevant since your opponent only ever swing for 8.


  8. Chris – cheers, yeah I thought of that shortly after I posted the comment. I guess you have to choose to play around one or the other!