Two Jesses Present— Commander 2016 Flavor Rankings

Welcome, one and all, to the Commander 2016 Flavor Rankings! They’re like power rankings, but for flavor. This year’s Commander set is shaking up the flavor metagame with a whole spate of esoteric legends, and we’re here to let you know which are better than the others, and by how much, in strict descending order.

Two Jesses Present— Duel Decks: Trump vs. Clinton

On Nov. 8th two warring factions will battle for supremacy, and if the wrong side wins, it could mean complete planar annihilation! No, it’s not the next Magic set, it’s the US presidential election! You can recreate the excitement at your kitchen table with Two Jesses’ Duel Decks: Trump vs. Clinton!

Who’s Your Daddy?: Waterworld

Willfully jobless in spite of a national recession, back in the bar game, and after another hiatus, Travis takes a Sealed Deck Pre-Re victory a little too seriously and gets all mermaid on peeps. With the multi-player room gone, getting a good game of Commander is about as easy as [insert reference of Sisyphean difficulty]. The question remains: do you like fishsticks?