1. Glad I could help you guys out to kick off the podcast! Just listened to it and… my goodness, I need to stop rambling! Next time I promise to be a little more succinct.

  2. Hey, I really enjoyed the podcast. My thoughts:

    C2013: You pretty much hit the nail on the head. However, one card that has seen some fringe Vintage play that you didn’t mention is Ophiomancer, who is basically a 2B 2/2, infini-deathtouch token generator that has seen a little bit of play in Tribal Humans decks.

    Landstill: I agree it could be well-positioned but the Affinity matchup seems ridiculously awful, which is why I think you don’t see more of it. I don’t really think Nemesis would address that weakness, either, although as you say it fits well with the rest of the deck in general.

    Playables: I think Shapesharer is probably the best, although the Island Sanctuary plan sounds interesting. I thought this segment was pretty hilarious.

    Good work, guys. Look forward to the next episode!

  3. finally got a chance to listen and a great starting episode some pretty funny lines from Chris

    think the DE comments were spot on re: its similarity to Legacy and find that a lot of what I heard from you guys were some what similar to concerns from Pauper players except you guys actually got DEs