Dime a Dozen #101: Prohibits Power Plants and Piracy Charms

Today Jason tries to trample foes with Tron! Mono Blue Tron, to be more specific. Will his quirky card choices carry him through the Pauper 2-Man Queues?


You can find Jason
on MTGO as BambooRush
and on Twitter @dimecollectorsc.

  1. No Wretched Gryff”s? This is where I have been testing them…along with Trinket Mage’s to fetch Map, Relic, or Seat and for Emerge. Hint: they haven’t been great. It’s also easy to add the Drake combo to this deck as well. Hint: that has been great. Speaking of Drake… your recent article Degenerate Deeds, to me anyway, shows how much Drake needs to go. If your not winning on turns 3-4 with Goblins, Burn or Elves then there is no better end game than Drake in the format. Right now you either play it, or go under it.

  2. VanillaVillain – Hey man! For some reason I completely blanked on using any of the brand new cards…you’re right that Drake could slot in here quite easily (and should). That seems like a fair assessment of the meta right now, haha. Your thoughts on Drake deck variants? Which do you think are viable, and why?

  3. I think all the Drake decks are great and can 5-0 a league pretty easily. Doesn’t really matter if you’re untapping Izzet Boilerworks or an Urza’s land as long as you’re untapping something. Izzet might be better than the RUg Tron builds, I haven’t played enough with either to know for sure. I’m too busy playing and tuning my Jund/BUG/Grixis Metalcraft Tron brews in the Just for Fun queues lol…