Dime a Dozen #109: Can Kuldotha Compete?

The stage has been set for slower, attrition-based midrange decks to fall off the map completely in Classic Pauper. Jason tests this theory by playing Kuldotha Jeskai in the 2-Man Queues!


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  1. I really like a Trinket Mage or two in this deck. It can act as a Borderland Ranger/Civic Wayfinder, find a Flayer Husk/Bonesplitter and makes sideboard Relic of Progenitus/Nihil Spellbomb much more reliable. Can’t comment on the matches, have limited time to watch/play Magic right now and Kaladesh currently has my attention.

    We discussed Sky Skiff last article but now I’m wondering if Renegade Freighter is the card. It dodges Flame Slash and Journey to Nowhere, two of the most common cards used to kill bigger creatures, and comes with trample to help it push through damage. Not sure where it fits, but I think it is powerful enough to see play somewhere.

  2. VanillaVillain – Hey man, that’s not a bad idea! It’s been a while since I’ve sleeved up Trinket Mage. Perhaps I’m overdue…

    My concern with Freighter (in terms of removal spells) is Lightning Bolt. Other than that I’m definitely going to be trying both of the vehicles out. Might not be an either/or dilemma at the end of the day.

    Thanks as always for your thoughtful comment!