Dime a Dozen #113: Going Vroom with Vehicles

Think the Kaladesh commons should be getting more Classic Pauper love? Check out Jason’s crewed up concoction known as Vehicular Manslaughter! The 2-Mans just might be getting steamrolled.


You can find Jason
on MTGO as BambooRush
and on Twitter @dimecollectorsc.

  1. I’ve been waiting for this, not this particular deck, but for the time when it can shine! Soooooo many decks, cards and strategies are viable now that Wizards made the long overdue play of casting Eradicate on Peregrine Drake. Aggro, Midrange, Control, Combo…all possible now that you don’t have compete with a Drake endgame.

    Only just finished the first match against Teachings but already this deck looks robust and resilient. It’s pretty common knowledge at this point that the first few weeks of a new format tend to lean heavily towards aggro decks and this looks like a good place to start.

    Pauper is about to become a brewer’s paradise. New staples are going to be discovered and old staples will find new life. There is almost infinite untapped potential, lying just underneath a layer of dust and the gaze of dead, scaled eyes. If you haven’t tried Pauper yet, think about doing so soon. A format that was governed by a totalitarian leadership has been overthrown and now is the time for everyone to have their voice heard.

  2. VanillaVillain – Really dig your enthusiasm here. You’re right that a bunch of cards and strategies will go back to being viable, and I too am looking forward to that.

    Glad the deck has your vote of confidence thus far. I’m hoping more people will try it out! Keep us in the loop regarding what you’re brewing please :)

  3. Oh man, I’m brewing so much right now! Too many lists to even try out. Azorius Blink using Ghostly Flicker with Inspector, Lone Missionry, Skyfisher, Oracle, Riftwatcher, Mulldrifter and a couple Archaeomancer and even more life gain built into the lands with Crossroads, Cove, Radiant Fountain and Karoos. Flicker can blink lands and artifacts too, which is nice to reset Arrows or any Prism’s/Wellsprings. A hybrid Dredge/Cycling list abusing Gnaw to the Bone. All flavors of my Tron+Metalcraft concoction, including Jund, Sultai and Grixis. Various midrange durdle fests that wouldn’t have been good before Drake. Perhaps the most “out there” brew is a Gruul midrange deck with Carapace Forger, Atog, Bloodbriar and Fangren Marauder with Mycosynth Wellspring, Ichor Wellspring and Prism with Kuldotha Rebirth to keep the lands and gas coming and Bolts and Blasts to stay alive. Pauper Paradise indeed!!!

  4. VanillaVillain – That Flicker deck sounds very very fun! Actually they all sound pretty cool. Thanks for sharing, and I hope the brewing continues to pay off.

  5. Hi Jason. I always enjoy reading your posts and watching your videos. Great stuff. Your creativity is boundless. The pauper format can be monotonous at times but you make it enjoyable. I have been playing with your Vehicular Manslaughter list (or Vehicular Homicide as I call it) a lot lately and love it. It’s right up there with your Desperate Ravings and Goblin Matron lists in terms of enjoyment. Keep up the good work and please feel free to share if you make any adjustments to Vehicular Manslaughter. I’d love to see what you come up with.

  6. Jrock – Those are extremely kind words, they’re much appreciated. Glad you’re enjoying the list! It sounds like we have very similar tastes when it comes to Pauper decks :) Sometimes it takes me a really long time to make any card changes, but I’ll be sure to keep you guys in the loop with this list if I do.