Dime a Dozen #116: Heelcutting and Other Such Hasty Hooliganism

It’s a mad dash into the red zone this week with Red Deck Wins in the Pauper 2-Mans! Jason goes Valley Dashing through the snow in a one-dimensional aggro deck, but will it be able to live up to its name?


You can find Jason
on MTGO as BambooRush
and on Twitter @dimecollectorsc.

  1. I think this the best Aggro deck in the format along with Stompy and Affinity. Actually would you call Affinity aggro? I think it’s closer to a midrange deck really. I’ve been working a Metalcraft white weenie deck that has proven to be quite robust and resilient. Still working out the sideboard. Here’s the list:

    4 x Thraben Inspector
    4 x Court Homunculus
    4 x Ardent Recruit
    4 x Glint Hawk
    4 x Flayer Husk
    4 x Auriok Sunchaser
    4 x Kor Skyfisher
    4 x Cogworker’s Puzzleknot
    2 x Vault Skirge
    4 x Porcelain Legionnaire
    2 x Bonesplitter

    4 x Ancient Den
    4 x Darksteel Citadel
    4 x Kabira Crossroads
    8 x Plains

    4 x Lone Missionary
    4 x Journey to Nowhere
    4 x Disenchant
    3 x Relic of Progenitus

    I had a burn player rage quit on me the other day when in Game 1 I cast:

    Turn 1 Vault Skirge (on the play)
    Turn 2 Kabira Corssroads + Bonesplitter (3 life gained)
    Turn 3 Skyfisher, bounce and replay Kabira Crossroads (3 life gained)
    Turn 4 Equip Skirge, another Skyfisher, bounce/replay Crossroads (5 life gained)

    He did have a poopy start with only a turn 2 thermal alchemist, turn 3 curse of the pierced heart, but it was funny to me because I hate, hate, hate burn as an archtype….

  2. Hi my friend Jason.

    Originally I intended to send you a UG list abusing card draw and enchantment sinergy. After testing the list felt underwhelming, might go back to it later, but at this point I ended up migrating the concept to GW bogles.

    The result is very interesting, a bogles deck, with an alternate pressure outlet: weenies that can replace themselves, helping to draw the core cards that make bogles so powerful.

    I tested the list a lot and this mix is very balanced. The deck feels a lot like plaing traditional bogles, but it is a bit more midrange oriented. More resilient and consistent, a bit more versatile against control, less explosive early game.

    I love bogles, but I like decks that give you options. The cool thing about this deck is that you can yield against control decks if you do he right moves.

    Against aggro you probably should avoid hands with low land count even if you have cantrips. I don’t have a sideboard yet, but I think it should include some creature removal, since standart bearer is insanely good against us.

    Here is the list, give it a try! I would really love to see videos of this deck in your articles! :)

    19 lands:

    10 Forest
    4 Blossoming Sands
    5 Plains

    21 creatures:

    3 Thraben Inspector
    4 Gladecover Scout
    4 Slippery Bogle
    4 Kor Skyfisher
    4 Elvish Visionary
    2 Heliod’s Pilgrim

    20 Enchantments:
    4 Abundant Growth
    4 Frog Tongue
    4 Ethereal Armor
    4 Ancestral Mask
    4 Armadillo Cloak


  3. VanillaVillain – I wouldn’t call Affinity traditional aggro or purely aggro. It doesn’t usually make threats on Turn 1, attack on Turn 2 and continue the pressure from there (like most of the archetype does). Instead it sets up for a couple of turns then explodes onto the board with multiple threats at once. If someone wants to use the term aggro/combo I’m fine with that.

    Your decklist reminds me of Vehicular Manslaughter, but with Glint Hawk over Ardent Recruit and more speed in exchange for less card advantage threats. How’s it been lately?

    Yeah lol, when Burn gets wrecked it can be pretty entertaining!


    Uspdudes – Thanks for the decklist and details! I didn’t see this comment in time to put your deck together for this week, but I’ll try to mess with it in the future.