Dime a Dozen #120: Making Waves with Mono White Control?

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  1. Jason, very nice try on the MWC, I really like the creature selection. I was wondering if Renewed Faith would work in this deck? Gives life gain and card draw. Would an Eldrazi like Ruin Processor be a good finisher to have? Thoughts???

  2. +1
    Very nice! The deck seems to use its mana quite well by always having stuff to do. (but we need to see Silkbind Faerie in action!)
    Since the deck plays 4 ichor wellspring I think you definitely should add at least one or two angelic purge maindeck for versatile removal.

    And one Faith’s Fetters :) … it needs to find deck.. or a home.. or something….

  3. bocco123 – Thanks! Your request made it possible, much appreciated. Not sure about Renewed Faith, I’ll have to think it over. Processor is definitely an option, though if we’re going that route I’d say let’s add Tron lands as well.

    Buster – Purge is a solid suggestion. I meant to include that card, but somehow forgot about it. Haha, I’ve seen Fetters in some Azorius Kitty builds and it can be quite annoying!

  4. Yes Angelic Purge would be ideal. Would you say a one of or two of? And what would you take out

  5. Yeah I have really been liking a single Angelic Purge in these midrange white decks. It exiles, which can be relevant, and if you can sac something like a Wellspring for a profit the card can feel busted…

    Jason, I fell down the rabbit hole that is Commander and now I can’t stop casting Ashen Rider and Angel of Despair…Thraben Inspector and Kor Skyfisher just don’t get me excited anymore :(

  6. Since trumps mexican wall still isn’t a magic card.. I guess i will ignore the previous poster “cry for attention and astray at the internet comment” and respond to jason and bocco123.

    I havn’t played with the deck yet but I’m gonna try it in some leagues in a couple of weeks when i’m back to civilization.

    Here is my sugestion to spice things up.

    “-2 Mana tithe” (fantastic underplayed card but to situational and bad when you are behind and this deck isn’t fast)
    -1 oblivion ring
    -1 sunlance
    -2 Journey to nowhere
    -1 kor sanctifiers
    -1 plains

    + 1 origin spellbomb (very good with the other cards i would add)
    + 3 angelic purge
    + 1 Sanctum gargoyle
    + 1 remember the fallen ( try it out)
    + 1 pristine talisman
    + 1 faith’s feathers ( you are not allowed to cut this)