Dime a Dozen #16: To Affinity and Beyond

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  1. Well done Jason! 3-1 with 2-1 only in Delvers, which seems really good because Delver is tier 1. I’m really surprised you not faced some Temporal simic/post combo and mono green Stompy decks as well.

    So, about the main deck, you could cut a least 1 land(Vault of Whispers) and 1 Hoverguard, to add 2 copies of Quicksilver Behemoth, its a 4/5 body for almost all time cost 1U or U mana, the fact that he bounces is bad just in blue matchups. I said to you cut a least 1 land, because you still flooding a little bit i think, 18 is a happy number, huh ? If you don’t want bring in Quicksilvers, you could cut only a land for Reaping the Graves, and i could say change all 3 Terrarions for 3 Prophetic Prisms ? Prism keep your mana fixed and draw a card and sometimes the tapped Terrarion hurts a little to fix the color. Reaping the Graves I tested against sorts of control decks like post and mono blue variants, and the fact that its a instant with storm, sometimes you can bring back 3 or 4 guys :D. For the sideboard, i can see just cutting a Ancient Grudge for another Reaping the Graves, and maybe the Pillar of Flame for Dispel ? I have to say sorry for the poor English. However, the deck looks pretty good and you played very well, congrats!!!Thanks for Dime a Dozen #16, love you work and I’m waiting here for the Dime a Dozen #17, keep it going dude!!!


  2. Fredmtgo – I’m going to stick with 19 lands for the time being. Quicksilver doesn’t entice me (blue takes up a big part of the field right now). Is Reaping the Graves the card with storm? If so it might be good, but could be clunky (you want to play it late but won’t have many cards in hand to increase the storm count). You are doing well with your English! Thanks for watching the videos.

  3. Nope Jason, thx for respond me. Yup, i see that Quicksilver inst too happy now, i just love it :D. And yeah, Reaping is a mid/late game card almost all times. But i mean, its good when one or more removal/counter/do anything was been casted besides your threats in a single turn, or just in the opponent turn when he tries to removal/cast something, you just play that in the right time and at least 2 threats you can bring back, just consider that. Even more with your 19 lands, you’ll never have problem with a one of 3 mana instant card ;D

    Now I see the fact that ppl don’t paid the attention here how they should, and I hate that. The past, this and the future articles deserves more recognition, not for the good content only, but because you spend your time thinking about what you will do in the next post, writing and recording with the deck, just saying. I really love your posts, so keep working like that Jason!!!


  4. Fredmtgo – I appreciate the support and enthusiasm! You’re quite the hardcore fan. Your comments mean a lot!

  5. -4 Carapace Forge +4 Auriok Sunchaser would help your delver match up, but then again Sunchaser dies to Lightning Bolt in other match ups…

  6. Hi there,

    I think I would again go for 4 color with white for the Sunchasers.
    My Idea would be like this:
    -4 Somber Hoverguard
    -3 Terrarion
    +4 Sunchaser
    +3 Chromatic Sphere

    The Sphere does pretty much the same as the star, it still gives a card and you don´t need to keep 2 mana up to change colors for things like a galvanic blast.

  7. Hi Jason, good job as usual… This is an interesting version on affinity. Do you tried the mono rush of knowledge? You have 8 creature with heavy mana cost that can give you a big boost in the mid range games. … I know that rush is very expensive to cast in this deck, but i usualy had enough mana to cast it.
    Tnx for all this interesting videos!!!!
    P.s. i’m testing a new version of guard combo deck. Very different but that seems more solid. if you want i can mail the list…

  8. If mono U Delver is starting to become the top tier deck in Puper, why not add a few copies of Electrickery to your sideboard. It’s a meta call on your part really.

    I do agree that dropping 1 Springleaf Drum is the way to go. Four seems too many.

    Thanks for the replay, I really enjoyed it. Even the part where you got bummed out facing all the U Delver decks. I felt your pain since I always end up facing nothing but UR 8-post decks. The monotony can wear on you.

  9. Anonymous – It’s arguable that Sunchaser is better vs. Delver. Delver trades with it, and Spire Golem lives through it (neither is true in Forger’s case). Also, why do you feel we need a better Delver matchup? We did well against them without drawing our best card very often.

    Snorri – Why do you feel that it’s worth it to have worse mana in order to play Sunchaser? The extra mana generated by Terrarion is a benefit usually and not a drawback, because you can cast two spells in that turn. What if the Sphere draws you something you also want to play? 

  10. Percifall82 – I appreciate the support! Haven’t tried Rush yet, but thinking about it. Please send me all your Midnight Guard deck info. I encourage everyone to try the deck and send me their findings!

    Will DeMorris – Electrickery is not necessary, nor is it a good fit vs. Delver IMO. Glad you’re liking the content! I was only upset when I lost TBH, but it was a little odd facing six Delvers out of my last seven matches!

  11. Hi there,

    I think the Sunchaser can be a good way to make the deck even faster than it already is. Haven´t tried it, I only played Affinity in Legacy yet, not yet in pauper, but it is the next deck I want to try out. I think the Sunchaser can give you an edge against the cloudpost decks, they have a hard time dealing with the punch chaser+forger packs and the Howerguard is usually a lot slower. I´m not sure if it is worth the mana inconsistency.
    Sphere over Terrarion is a personal thing I guess. The extra mana of Terrarion in my opinion makes it harder to leave it open to do something like galvanic blast in your opponents turn. Second it does not come into play tapped. So you can usee it in the turn you play it to cycle or get the mana you desperatly need. And adding like UU in case i draw a second blue spell with the terrarion may be a good thing but it seemed like you mostly just added the one color you needed and something that might work out -which it did once out of 3 times i think, once it had no impact and once you had the wrong mana-
    The one thing Terrarion is definatly stronger is it´s ability to draw off the Atog. Like with the Sunchaser I think it might be worth a try.

    Oh and I am testing a mono red hyper aggressive deck I would love to get someone good to look over it, especially for the sideboard. So I would like to email you the list or catch you ingame if it is ok with you.

  12. Snorri – I agree that Sphere and Terrarion both have their advantages. May depend on preference or the build. Yes, please e-mail me!

  13. Sorry Jason but I can’t find you through your mail, too. But, you have a Facebook account ? I already have you on my Twitter and I’d like to have you on my facebook, because I could know you next content or you can just tell me there that you got a new article, would be nice! Think about that man, I want to follow as near as possible, cya!


  14. Fredmtgo – My e-mail is posted directly above your comment. I don’t use Facebook very often, so Twitter/YouTube/e-mail are really the best ways to contact me.