1. I’m working on a new approach to LD – mono red control. It still in the works but any input would be greatly appreciated!

    4x Raze
    4x Molten Rain
    4x Icefall
    4x chain lightning
    4x lightning
    4x Curse of the pierced heart
    4x mogg fanatic
    4x Fireslinger
    4x martyr of ashes
    2x electiricky
    2x Fireblast
    20x mountain

    How the deck works

    - Ld is used to help moderate the tempo of the game
    - fireslinger + pierced heart is the kill mechanic
    - lightning bolts + fireblast used to kill threats of speed up the clock
    - icefall + mogg/martyr – triggers recrursion

  2. Have you thought about doing this as a video series? One week you could show the original deck and a few matches with it, while you discuss the issues it has and what it’s missing. Then, in the next week, show the updated deck a few matches with it while you discuss the changes you’ve made and why. The article is great, but I was very disappointed to reach the bottom of this article and not see any videos.

  3. JMo,
    While your doctored deck is a big improvement over the original, I feel the deck is not ready. Whats the original brewers goal or your goal when creating the deck? You run 10 EBT lands and 4 Epemeron so you’re probably doing nothing until the 3rd turn or later. You run both double Black and double Blue 3 drops as well which mostly have little impact on the board. I don’t think you will beat Delver or Cloudpost in one million years. I would recommend something close to MBC/u, UB Trinket, or those Delver Decks splashing Black. If still feel this decks decent then I encourage you to put it to the test on video. I know brewing is a slow process so keep doctorin’ and I’ll keep reading.

  4. @Brandon………………………………………………………………………………………………………………Are you serious?
    Did you read the article?

    I like the direction this thing is going in. Pauper IS the best format, after all…

    Videos are nice, but not necessary. Although in this environment, that might not be totally true. Videos get a whole lot of views because they are easier (faster?) to digest as a whole.

  5. Jason, thanks for the article. In terms of MTG theory, I think it was great. As for the deck you proposed, I am a bit skeptical of the creatures. They are pretty weak and expensive overall, and I don’t see how we are going to ninjutsu, when our bad creatures can’t attack profitably. I get that the turtle is a resilient threat in a deck with threat density concerns, but it just trades with 1/1s. As already mentioned, this deck also feels really soft to bounce.

  6. Bing – Are you asking for your deck to be covered in an article, or do you just want a response in the comments section?

    Shark Status – 10 CIPT lands is right in the ballpark (8-11 is “ideal”). Turn 2 plays will occur very consistently, I can say that from experience. I only run 2 Ephemeron in this list, and double U/double B are run at just four copies each (not counting Shinobi).

    I don’t doubt that the deck may still struggle against its targets. It will definitely need some further tweaking.

    yessir – Your input is appreciated!

    mathisje – I will keep your comments in mind. What changes would you make?

  7. This is the improved version of the deck I posted in your last article. I now call it “the grinder”.

    Yes – I’m asking you to cover it =)

    4 Stone Rain
    4 Molten Rain
    4 Roiling Thunder
    2 Earth Rift
    2 Faultgrinder
    1 Staggershock
    4 Lightning Bolt
    4 Flame Slash
    4 Firebolt
    4 Searing Blaze
    2 Serrated Arrows
    2 Expedition Map

    3 Forgotten Cave
    4 Cloudpost
    4 Glimmerpost
    12 Mountain

    4 Pyroblast
    3 Cinder Pyromancer / Vulshock Sorcerer
    3 Ingot Chewer
    3 Gorilla Shaman
    2 Serrated Arrows

  8. Sure, it’s designed for online playing (though I only play live), to beat other post decks and being able to control aggro strategies. Because it tries to stop different styles, it has few win conditions, so it grinds down the opponent with spells of double effect. I’m not sure about the sideboard. I I’d like to fit in 5-6 pyroblasts. I like the 6 artifact hate dudes. But who knows…
    Note: vs delverblue with daze, side in everything and take out LDs :)

  9. I`m kind of with Brandon on this. I`d love to see videos of the decks in action. They really do help get a feel for how a deck operates beyond looking at a deck list.

  10. I’ve just recently gotten into Pauper because of my (extremely tight) budget, and came up with this:
    4x Putrid Imp
    4x Faithless Looting
    4x Firebolt
    4x Fume Spitter
    3x Call to the Netherworld
    3x Kris Mage
    3x Fiery Temper
    4x Brain Gorgers
    4x Grave Scrabbler
    3x Gorgon Recluse
    1x Twisted Abomination
    4x Rakdos Carnarium
    4x Rakdos Guildgate
    9x Swamp
    6x Mountain
    3x Cremate
    2x Victim of Night
    3x Goblin Tinkerer
    3x Molten Rain
    4x Psychotic Episode

    The premise is to use discard effects to power out the madness cards for cheap, while gaining incremental card advantage through interactions like Faithless Looting and Grave Scrabbler (which can be quite the blow-out combo in this deck). Some of the cards in the sideboard are weaker versions (Tinkerer for Gorilla Shaman, Rain for Choking Sands) that were easier for me to get within my budget. The deck does consistently well against aggro decks, and fairly well against control and decks like EyeCandy. It has a weakness to Post decks right now, and I’m not sure my board is enough. I unfortunately haven’t had many opponents playing Delver, so that’s kinda vague as of yet. I’d love to hear your take on the deck, and see what you’d do to shore up it’s weaknesses. Thanks!

  11. I’m a little confused here, because you said LD and discard don’t synergise well (I agree), but then your final list once again has both.

    I get that you cut down on the LD a bit, but 8 card slots is still a ton. I’d like to see you more focused on either one or the other; the final list kind of just seems like a less-focused MBC deck.

    I feel like I’d rather have counterspells or card draw or removal or something, having a half-baked LD plan just seems kind of bad unless you’re playing against post.

    These are just my thoughts though, and I haven’t tried the list so I definitely stand open to correction.

  12. Don Thiebaut – Appreciate the submission!

    BananaSub – Good advice! I kept in both because I didn’t want to completely reject his deck concept. I think you’re suggestions are on point though.

  13. -1 Staggershock + 1 Rolling Thunder

    As for the side, is up to you to select 15 between the ones I listed