Dime a Dozen #43: 35 Goblins for 2-Man Competition

Hello everyone!

Luckily I had time to record some more Pauper action, this time in the form of Mono-Red Goblins! This is my own spin on the deck, and can be seen below:

The list will be given more attention in the intro/deck tech video. I hope you guys enjoy the content!

End Step

Please fill me in with your thoughts on the decklist, my playing, and the overall quality of my videos. As always, thanks for reading (watching?), and please comment!

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  1. Thy for the videos and playing Goblins. It’s quite hard to play correctly and you did a good job! The most important advice you had: always count your damage before deciding attacks! Goblins can eek out one damage here and one there and in my experience these make the difference between losing and winning a lot of the time.

    The things I would have played differently:

    R1G1, Time 7:32, you had him dead on board. In response to Lightning Bolt, you sac the blocked Denizen and the two non-attacking Goblins to save the attacking Denizen and deal him 11.
    Sideboarding against Burn: I’d take out Death Sparks instead of Sparksmith. Sparks to the head are too slow against burn, unless the Burn player tries to go control and kills everything – but if they do that, you have more time to draw Lifestaff. Furthermore Deathspark can’t kill Marauders or Kiln Fiend (which he probably plays, seeing Crimson Wisps). Sparksmiths can kill those creatures and they are a body on the field which is much better with Bushwhackers.

    R2: I don’t know if WW is the worst matchup – Kitty decks are a major PITA. But it is very difficult to play against, I give you that. If I see you only I will challenge you to play the Goblin hordes with your little white guys.
    R2G1: Never suicide a Sledder (unless you have a second)! This guy dominates combat, enables Death Spark, makes Holy Light less painful, etc. Also you had a Sparksmith there.
    Sideboarding: Play Lifestaffs instead of Denizens. Your deck is equipped to play the control game vs. WW. Denizens are stopped by all his creatures. Lifestaff allows you to kill more things with Sparksmith.
    R2G2: At 17:00 I’d have bolted the Cathar. This lets you attack with everyone next turn for 8 and your Spark can take out a returned Cathar without being buried under Bolt.

    No time to watch G3 right now.

  2. Perhaps add some toolbox goblins to the SB since you are playing 3 matrons. Frenzied goblin for example. anyways, thanks for matches!

  3. LordDowney – I appreciate the tips!

    Emisun – Toolbox is a good idea! What do you think about Tarfire? Hope you enjoy the videos.

  4. why not use goblin arsonist? You can sacrifice and do 1 more damage to player/creature ;)

  5. Yes, i think that could be usefull. I think that playing 4 Sparksmith main is too much damage, with the arsonist you can kill some creatures without taking it. Also, i like the flunkies. I would try to make space for them in the deck (or for pyroblast, or reckless abandon, wich is a goblin granade).
    I would cut 2 sledder (playing 6 is enough, u will have at least one on table for sure), and i will remove a mountain and 2 sparksmith. With that u have 6 slots. Maybe you can cut some Matron too, 3 mana cost is a lot and practically is only for search the Bushwacker, with the arsonist and the damage or the flunkies im not sure if you will need it too much.
    However, i never play this deck. My only experiencie is against it.
    Now im playing boros with ichor wellspring and kuladotha rebirth… Could be a crazy thing getting some of that (with great furnace) in a goblin deck. Of course, there isnt space for all.