Dime a Dozen #45: Second Chance Goblins

Hello everyone!

Ah, my wittle Gobbly Wobblies. Today is your chance at redemption! The last time I played you was a bit disappointing. But deep down I know you’ve got what it takes. You’ve got potential, kid, a real bright future!

Here is the decklist I’ll be playing in today’s matches. It’s the exact same 75 as before, as I don’t think our prior losses stemmed from flawed deck construction.

Enjoy the carnage! If you’d like to know what opponents I’m going to face in advance, please scroll over the SPOILER below.

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Match One vs. Elves
Match Two vs. Burn
Match Three vs. Affinity

End Step

Well, it’s safe to say my faith in Goblins has been restored! Call me a sicko, but there is something I really enjoy about destroying the Elves deck with Goblins. Turn 2 Sparksmith (at times) feels like the most threatening play the deck can make, though Denizen into Cohort into Conscripts ain’t too shabby either. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this installment of “Dime a Dozen.”

As always, thanks for reading, and please comment!

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  1. Greetings from Spain!
    It’s nice to see you back with another of your stimullating articles! Pauper content is scarce these days… Please keep the hard job you do in all the sites and don’t leave us pauper people abandoned in this gloomy time!!! Really enjoyed reading and watching you play!
    Long lives pauper!!!

  2. Nice to see all 4 sparksmiths present – It’s hard for me to respect a list without all 4 – you simply always want to see them, well, maybe not vs. burn, but even then they chump Keldon’s :) Strong list.