Dime a Dozen #50: 50/50

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  1. There is only one thing to say:

    Thank you for 2 years of enlightenment. I enjoy Magic mostly through videos and articles, due to lack of funding. You showed me pauper and I loved it. Keep up the work, keep on writing, keep on playing, keep on enjoying what you do (at least it looks like you do :P)

    And again… Thank you for all the work you put into writing and recording!

  2. Is pauper ending? I tried to get into both Premier Pauper events this weekend and neither one had even 10 players far below the required 30.

  3. First of all congrats on 2 years! I’ve been reading you pretty much since you started. Way to hang in there through both the good times and the bad. Pauper will rebound and I hope to see you writing then.

    Second, the BR husk deck is actually a very old deck. I recall playing against one the first time Pauper had Premiere Events. Yet the deck is still super awesome! I bring this up as a resource for anyone interested in learning more from brewers gone by. Good to see someone playing it and great to see someone covering it! I love how the PDC world is so brewtastic.

    Here are some links to a few old lists: