Dime a Dozen #53: A Screeching Halt

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  1. Esper Familiars, MBC, MUC, MBC – That’s a tough field.

    So here’s the thing. Okay, a couple things.

    First off, I’m not sure your build is optimal. Guardians Pledge is nice, but expensive, and it requires you to have creatures on board. It can be a blowout, but if you have enough creatures on board to make it great, it might be a little bit of a “win more” card. I’d make it 2x, or consider. Maybe a Ramosian Rally to fill double-duty (protect from sweeps, get a big hit in); I like that card and it can easily be free in this deck.

    I’d also focus more on flyers + Armorer. Leitbur seems good from the side, though I’d rather see the pro-black / pro-red acolytes ready to come in from the bench if needed.

    I also think the meta shifted on you somewhat. People saw tokens and started adjusting, so cards like Echoing Decay are around now to screw tokens.

    Finally, thanks to Delver, people have always been ready to hose 1/1 flyers, which means everyone has at least part of a SB plan for tokens as well. This doesn’t make it a bad choice, but I think really focusing on the “overwhelm” with flyers methodology is worth a go (3x more Triplicate Spirits, maybe) – and try and make it so that as much of their 1-for-1 removal is just bad.

    I’ve played 2 of the DEs now and gone 1-3 and 2-2. It is definitely tough competition, so I wouldn’t feel too awful. Hope you get back in there and try again, with this deck or another!

  2. Well, it seems to me that the first two matchups you encountered were simply extremely unfavorable (resilient combo and MBC with crypt rats and unearth). Triple and quadruple AK are always a challenging to beat…but the matchup seems to be even or slightly in your favor if your opponent has an average draw. Token strategies in pauper (as in every other format) seem to be good against beatdown strategies and bad against mass removal and combo. Taking your matchups into consideration 0:4 is still in the realm of expectation. By the way I really like your pauper video content. Please excuse my poor English.

  3. Ahniwa – Glad you could check it out and chime in.

    TheSPC – Your English is just fine! I appreciate you watching my content and showing your support!

  4. I think you’re running too much defense/removal/utility in the deck – the decks showing in the dailies seem to be pretty much all-in combo – more raise the alarm, less sunlance, deal with your opponent by running him over.

  5. @slug360 people have done well in daily events with battle screech, triplicate spirits, and guardians pledge. I’m not saying white tokens is the greatest deck, but it’s not terrible and has put up some results. Though I agree with Tom the Scud, Jason’s deck is too defensive. Building a deck is trial and error though.

    Also, MTG is game, this is just for fun. I can’t believe the the amount of vitriol dripping from your comment.

    Also, how was Bebe’s kids racist? Do you even live in America?

  6. Tom the Scud – I considered Raise the Alarm, but dropped the idea because it doesn’t seem to stack up well against a lot of cards. I feel like evasion/flying is more important than 1/1s on the ground. It could be a solid performer with convoke cards and Pledge, though.

    Big picture, I like your idea about focusing more on the proactive game plan.

  7. First, didn’t watch the video. My only internet connection is through my phone. Meaning I haven’t played MtGO in a while. But I plan on changing that soon, and just wanted to say that I look forward to reading/watching in the future, and am glad to see Pauper content. Thanks for championing the little guy!