Dime a Dozen #56: 2 Live Cruise

Pauper Delver received another great addition in the form of Treasure Cruise. Today Jason brings the deck into the Pauper 2-mans with a singular goal: total domination!

If you’re interested in finding out what decks we’re going to face, you may click the spoiler tab below.

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Round 1 vs. Pauper Domain

Round 2 vs. Pauper Domain (again!)

Round 3 vs. Mono Red Burn


  1. Heck yeah, delvin’ with the Delver! Lots of neat stuff in the deck.

    I think the Domain deck looks unfair, or at least very good at what it wants to do, which is nearly everything.

  2. ThankTheBear – I appreciate the comment! Yeah, Domain can hit from several angles (kinda like Affinity) – drawing cards, playing big guys, doing lots of direct damage, getting virtual card advantage, flying over stuff, yuck!

  3. 2 daze, 1 deprive and 1 gush with only 16 isladns?! AND you are running 4x golems! Seems like your list is trying to do much. :(

  4. I’m the kind of player that loves playing with tricks up my sleeve, so I run a 3 daze variant and a cruise instead of the gush, so 2 cruise main. I have been wanting to try cruise and gush together, but it probably means cutting some or all of daze. I also run 17 lands, which means getting rid of one of your cantrip see your oppt hand or one of the piracy charms.

    You can check out my full list in the dailies from last weekend @ http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/250238#online

    It’s a delver deck, so there’s only SO many card slots to play with, and its really preference, but I really do think your list seems like it is trying to do to much. It did work out for you though in your matches, so maybe only more testing will tell for you :) Thanks for the article, love your stuff :D

  5. can you explain why probe is not a 4-of in every deck. It seems perfect, sometimes you have to decide wether to play golem or hold up counter spell. Knowing that information seems perfect.