Dime a Dozen #69: Angler Shooting

Jason enters a Standard Pauper PRE with Gurmag Angler and friends! How friendly will the niche format be to him?


  1. Always enjoyed your series. Was kind of curious about Standard Pauper and I’m happy for the video!

  2. An observation in round 2, match 2 around the 20 minute mark:
    Pretty huge turning point for you. You had epic confrontation that you used on your gurmag angler and his stampeding elkherd, then you only attacked with the scorpion.
    What you should have done knowing he had the 4/5 reach guys in his deck and to clear the board:
    use epic confrontation on your Mandrils (making it 5/6) and his elk, attack with mandrils and scorpion. He likely blocks the Mandrils with scorpion and takes 5 damage.

    Next turn he played the 4/5 and you would have had a scorpion, a mandril and gurmag on board. That gives you the opportunity to attack with angler and scorpion to keep applying pressure.

  3. In reply to Kevin-

    He could have indeed done as you said, but in that spot I would have made the same play he did, as one of the most dangerous cards in the G/U and it’s mono-green counterpart is Aspect of Hydra, which he had a green mana open for. If he’d had it, and Jason had targeted his mandrills, he ran the risk of them getting crushed without taking out the elk. By using the attendants instead, he was assuring that the elk was killed, AoH or not.

  4. Nice deck. Match 2. I think playing more agressively and use epic confrontation satyr on scorpion or scorpion on scorpion would have been much better allowing you to attack with your big guys. Trading a 5/5 for a 5/5 is an okay deal. Just sitting around staring at the scorpions is not a good strategy.