Dime a Dozen #84: A Lot to Process

For his second Pauper League outing Jason sleeves up a Ruin Processor control deck! Will the Battle for Zendikar eldrazi hold its own against the established Pauper competition?


  1. Jason, thanks for the vids. Happy to see you playing your own brews in the leagues. I enjoyed your commentary, and felt you did a good job breaking down lines of play on both sides of the equation. The interaction between Ruin Processor and exile effects is certainly intriguing, however I wonder if there is some potential for even more increased synergies along these lines. I’m luke warm on the epiphany’s. It’s a card that seems like it should have a home, but I question if warping your mana base in order to accommodate it doesn’t just leave you open to enough incidental hate post board to warrant it’s inclusion. I think you can definitely find a way to get a lone black mana for teachings flashbacks without having to go with the prisms, as that seems to be their only function outside of turning on the epiphany’s. (I think if you reach the point where you are recurring them with capsize buybacks for added value signals that things are already going in your favor.) Having the right answers in the form of instant speed removal in white is always tricky, perhaps a celestial flare in the 75 could be useful. And although it may be a bit greedier, maybe Hindering Light in place of or in addition to outwit in the sideboard is worth a spin. Great job, looking forward to next installment.

  2. [Editor's note: Prior to my editing, this post contained blatantly inappropriate content of a racial nature directed at Jason. Jason and I are both tired of this single poster (and it indeed appears to be only one poster), but we would rather not disable anonymous comments entirely just to prevent one misguided person from spoiling the opportunity for people to engage with contributors.

    To this poster-- Please make yourself aware of the fact that you are contributing (even if only ever-so slightly, and even if you are just attempting to be funny) to a significantly larger problem in the Magic community, in the United States, and around the world. It's not worth the moral and political cost for whatever laugh you're getting out of it. So please stop.

    Moreover, I refuse to permit additional repeated instances of racism in our comment pages directed at our contributors. Not only does it constitute an attack on one of our current contributors, but also it dis-incentivizes persons of marginalized identities from getting involved on our website and on others as contributors to the Magic community. So I will disable anonymous comments again if I have to, in order to prevent even one jerk from being racist.

    Sorry that all of the rest of our awesome fanbase has to wade through this nonsense.


  3. Jason, with regard to the Epiphany. Given that I’m having trouble just Telling Time right now, I might have to Think Twice about suggesting a replacement until I have enough Accumulated Knowledge to be of any real value.

    Seriously though, I would probably go with think twice in this instance. As with almost all card selections it’s possible to craft a scenario in which any particular piece of card draw or removal might be superior to one another. I just think that in a deck that wants to get up to 7 mana in order to deploy it’s threats that the chance for getting blown out post board by any form of 2 for 1 (or better) artifact removal is too high risk for the payout of turning on Epiphany. Your mileage may vary. It really seems like the kind of card that should have a home, but when I start thinking about running enough artifacts to support it, I end up wanting enough artifacts to cast myr enforcers for free, and then the card seems over priced next to thoughtcast, and not playable in a regular affinity deck with a curve that realistically tops out at around 2 mana. I think the home for this card would be in some sort of deck that is generating extra value from metal-craft but not as all in as affinity, and that also wants to play in a draw go fashion. I think the card is just outclassed right now, as the decks that want this type of effect either don’t have a reason to otherwise run artifact lands, or if they do, would be better served by just going all in on affinity as the synergistic payoff is to large to ignore. The various “Kitty” type decks that find a modicum of success seem to be the only effective hybrids to date. I’ll admit though, those style of decks generate their card advantage in a more incremental manner through recursion rather than the draw-go type of deck that wants to leave up three mana for either a counter or a spell like Epiphany. And if I’m leaving up three mana in a blue deck, Something like exclude feels a lot better IMO, or the aforementioned flashback on the think twice.

    The End.

  4. I know Jason – I played against him a few times online in PRE tournaments over the years. I am sorry, but honestly, the only interesting part of this article with a boring non-innovative deck is the comment section’s exchange between the moderator and the author of the deleted comment. I agree with most of what he said about this article’s lazy content.

    Hell, my Constructed rating is probably higher than his, even at the high 1600s, and I invented a much much more interesting deck – Snow-Go – which is way more fun and competitive in this meta, but I still don’t host my own weekly Pauper column. This website is a joke…

  5. I agree with everything my gay lover Saibod said. I mean, to be clear, Snow-Go hasn’t won or placed decently at any events, and it’s easily outclassed by about every established top-tier pauper deck, but it’s an amazing troll deck that I can use to enrage opponents because it is one of the only things I have in my life, aside from my crippling depression caused by me dropping out of high school and moving in with my mom to play MTG fulltime online.

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