Dime a Dozen #85: Last League of the Year

For his third and final Pauper League of 2015, Jason sleeves up his own variant of Pauper Tron! Can he end the year on a high note, or will the big mana monstrosity fall short?

Hi folks!

Just want to clarify some of my card choices here. Currently I play Preordain over Ancient Stirrings, which I explained at one point in this article.

My sideboard is all over the place, mostly because I wanted contingencies against some of the strategies that I perceive to be problematic for us (hyper-fast, non-interactive annoyances like Burn, Esper Familiars and Hexproof, for instance).

I’m trying out Stone Rain as a 3-mana companion to the land destruction package of Earth Rift and Reap and Sow, and I have Deep Analysis to hopefully mitigate hand disruption and permission-heavy decks.

Thanks in advance, and hope to see you all in 2016!

  1. In round 1, from about 18:30 there appeared to be sound cut outs and video ommissions (clocks aren’t counting). Not sure as its a bit hard to tell. Technical issues might have been resolved after 22:00ish.

    Enjoy your videos, moving on to Rd 2.