Draftcandy #11: MM15 Draft #3

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  1. I’m very surprised you took the dragon knight over all sun’s dawn. Knights go late and even if it ends up in the SB versus grind matchups ASD in this kind of base green splash 4-5 color decks can be insane value. You already have a blue spell in snake, black in dismember/wrecking ball, red in savage twister, burst lightning x2, and wrecking ball. That’s a ton of value.

  2. In match one, when opponent has artisan and enforcer, I think I would have swung with both creatures since, with burst lightning either one is lethal. If opponent blocks both, you can twister anyway, if they let the 1 point through, you win. Probably nothing gets through, but maybe? Is there a risk to that line that I’m missing?

    Great content as always!

  3. Agree that All Sun’s Dawn was the correct pick. I’ve always felt uncomfortable drafting the card because of the pressure it puts on the rest of your draft, as well as the randomness of how good it will be in each game. There’s something to be said for games that you are able to cast spells of different colors, followed by a 5 drop that doesn’t affect the board, that you are likely winning anyway. But this was a good enough deck for it, and definitely was the pick considering how good of a sideboard card it would be against other slow decks.

  4. Your line is correct NoTeef. If we play a land we can Savage Twister for 8, meaning that even if opponent blocks Spider with Artisan and Minotaur with Enforcer we can clear the board. A large percentage of the time they will block Enforcer on Spider and Artisan on Minotaur, but a good player might consider why I am making such a terrible attack and realize I must have something like Fiery Fall or Burst Lightning to finish off the Artisan. Since we can still Twister for 8, it doesn’t matter what opponent does, and the 3% of the time they make the terrible play of taking a hit we just win. If we had one less land, I would not risk opponent making a great play and keeping Artisan in play and stabilizing.