Draftcandy #19: A Drafts.in Cube

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  1. Round 1 was so miserable, he 2 for 1ed you with command and you proceed into 4 for 1ing yourself…
    I am curious though, you did that just so tasigur won’t give him command back which isn’t unreasonable, he then piles gilded lotus and you just give him his command back, why?
    I didn’t feel you had much hope winning that match but command is just removing any hope left, gilded lotus at that stage eats up a turn for him and what is he even ramping into? 2 activations?
    I mean it’s a problem but one that takes some time, which you desperately needed.

    All in all, this seemed like the deck was too slow for mono red, might have been keeping the wrong hands.
    Was fairly interesting, wouldn’t mind more cube videos, but not on the expense of ignoring current sets completely.