Draftcandy #2: DTK Draft #1

Noah drafts Dragons for the first time on MTGO Academy. Check out his decision-making during both drafting and gameplay for these epic rounds of Magic.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. Hello Noah,

    Can you please elaborate on why you think Reduce in Stature is bad? If I were drafting, I would definitely pick and play it, so I was confused to see you barely even mention it.

  2. I think Reduce is fine and was the correct pick over Silumgar’s Scorn. It was a mental error that I didn’t consider it.

  3. Hello,

    thanks for the vids. Can you elaborate what you consider the biggest difference (tempo, priorities, style, etc.) between Khans/Fate and this format? Thanks!

  4. Awesome vids. I very much like how you talk through the whys of your decisions, extremely insightful. The academy might have unfortunately lost Marshall, but between you and Cribbs, I’ll definitely be coming back for more.

  5. Gudul lurker is an ok card but shouldn’t evolving wilds be rated more highly because the rares in FR are so good.

  6. Thomas: Being a 2 color set is the biggest difference. It’s a lot easier to stay open in the draft to find which colors are under-drafted.

    Tdoggy: Lurker is always going to be good, where Wilds will be good some of the time.