Draftcandy #43: OOB Sealed Deck #1

After a couple weeks off, Noah tries out an OOB Sealed Deck queue.

You can find Noah on Twitter @Novasandler.

  1. Hey dude. Good videos. You do realize in R2G1 you could have been using Holdout Settlement to tap your own vampire envoy at opponent’s EoT, right? That would have gained you a pretty good chunk of life over the course of that game.

  2. Liked seeing the league matches! Really interesting building process as well. Just wanted to point out that you could’ve been gaining some life in round 2 — tapping your envoy with holdout settlement EOT. It’s a bit cheesy, but doing so during the long stall in that game could have had you at 7/8 life instead of 2.

  3. Just like all the other sais, tap the dude for life. Hehe. Nice deckbuildning.

  4. I would have went RWb with this pool for consistency. The deck you ended up with was certainly “bigger” but im not sure it was necessary. Thanks for the vids! I appreciate all content.